Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4th February 2020 Written Update : Sonakshi Confronts Nishi

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Nishi scolding and pushing Sonakshi. Sonakshi blaims her for pushing Naren and trying to kill him. Some time back, Sonakshi comes home and sees Rohit. She recalls his words. He says I didn’t call you for time pass. She says I didn’t have my phone and I’m not interested to talk. He says you have to come with me. He lifts her and takes her. Rohan gets Tanya to some icecream store and goes to get icecream for her. Pari gets in the car and says Rohan doesn’t love you, you are smiling thinking he loves you and he has become a good husband again but he is with you for money. She tells her that I can kill you right now and that I challenge you that he will come back to me. She goes leaving Tanya worried.

Rohan gets Sonakshi to the hospital. She sees Preeti and Preeti thanks Rohit for bringing her to the hospital. She asks did you both have a fight. Sonakshi and Rohan both blame each other and then later apologize to each other. Preeti says hold her hand and say. Rohit holds hand and says sorry. Preeti says now say I love you. He says no. She asks don’t you love Sonakshi. Rohit says I do. She says then say I love you, why are you taking much time. He holds Sonakshi’s hand and recalls breaking the bracelet. She recalls his words. He says I love you. Preeti asks Sonakshi to say I love you too. Sonakshi says I love you too. Preeti says promise that you won’t fight again. They say promise. She asks them to hug. They hug. Rohit asks Preeti to go for the tests. Nishi says Sonakshi is mad and that she was checking my room. Akash says that we have to teach her a lesson. Yash says I think you are overreacting. Nishi asks him to shut up since he always takes Sonakshi’s side. She says I will teach her a lesson this time. Sonakshi comes to her room and checks her phone. She says he called just twice. The lights go.

She calls Vimmi and asks her to check the light. Nishi comes there. Sonakshi gets scared. Nishi asks what were you checking in my room, answer me. Sonakshi says I wanted the number of computer guy. Nishi says tell me the truth. She says I will call Rohit and tell him to kick you out. She calls Rohit. Sonakshi says you are right, people’s signatures are forged here, is that okay and says I will call him. Sonakshi tells her lets see, who goes out of this family today. Nishi says you have no status. Sonakshi says just shut up, Rohit is my husband. She says I love him, he can treat me his way, it doesn’t mean that others can behave badly with me. Sonakshi tells her that the police has the writing pad, on which either you or YK tried to forge my signatures and the truth will come out. Nishi pushes her and says you mean I forged your signs and pushed Naren to die. Sonakshi sees her pushing with left hand. Sonakshi recalls inspector’s words. She holds Nishi’s hand. She says you pushed me by your left hand, it means you have tried to kill Naren by pushing him down the balcony. Nishi asks what nonsense is this. Sonakshi says its truth and that you are the one
who pushed Naren and then you wanted to frame me, you thought you won’t get punished. She tells Nishi that the police has evidence against you and now I will expose you in front of the family.

Nishi sees Veena and cries. Nishi fakes an entire scene. Sonakshi looks at her. Veena asks what’s happening here. Veena asks her what does Sonakshi want you to do. Nishi asks her to just go. Veena says wait, tell me, what’s happening. Nishi asks did you hear it, I will manage, just go. She says I don’t want you to fight Sonakshi as she may do anything with you. Sonakshi says stop it, you can’t play with Veena’s mind. Sonakshi tells Veena that she is acting and the truth is that Nishi had tried to kill Naren. Veena gets shocked. Sonakshi says Nishi changed the prenup papers, I was going to come and tell this to you all.


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