Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 5th February 2020 Written Update : Mahesh Helps Nishi

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Sonakshi saying Nishi tried to kill Naren, she knows that if anything happens to Naren, then she will get Sippy’s property. Nishi burns herself. Rohit and Yash break the door. They get in and are shocked. Yash and Pooja scold Sonakshi. Sonakshi says that the truth is Nishi is the real criminal and she has tried to kill Naren. They get shocked. Deepa asks why will she do this. Sonakshi says she knows well that if anything happens to Naren, then she will get the Sippy family property and power in her hands. Nishi says stop it, I can’t tolerate it. Sonakshi says your drama will get over in front of the police. Veena says stop it, I know both of you well, Nishi can not do this, police won’t come here. Sonakshi says please, you have to trust me. Rohit comes and says I trust you Sona, I know we can’t trust her, but there will be some reason for it. Veena asks are you still believing her, do you think Nishi will try to kill Naren. Rohit says no, she should get a chance to talk, I m angry about the prenup, I feel Sonakshi married me for money, there will be some reason, she will have some evidence. Veena says people say right, when a son gets married, he becomes just a husband. He says its not like that. She says fine, if she is proved wrong, you will do what I say. He says fine. She says call the police. Sonakshi calls the inspector. Nishi worries. Inspector has met with an accident. He is lying unconscious on the road. Sonakshi says he isn’t answering, I will call again. Mahesh gets down the truck. He picks the call and says the person you had called met with an accident. Nishi smiles. Mahesh takes the bag from the inspector and goes.

Nishi says you will blame me for this accident. Sonakshi says actually, you are saying right, the person who can kill her brother can plan anyone’s accident. Veena asks Rohit do you want to say something. Sonakshi asks what’s happening. She says inspector was coming to meet me with the evidence, I told him that I have doubt on Nishi or YK. Sonakshi says I m not lying, I have got evidences from her room, writing pad, pen and my signs practice. Sonakshi asks do you know Nishi is left handed. Rohan says yes, she is left handed. Akash says she can use both hands, what’s the big thing. Sonakshi says inspector told me that the person who has pushed Naren is left handed, he had the video clip, he was getting it to me. Rohit asks where is the video. She says inspector had it, I know, there is someone else, who made this video. He asks who. She says the girl who stays in the neighbor building, she recorded it accidentally, come. He says I will go, in which flat is she. She says 603. Rohit goes. Mahesh comes to that girl’s flat. Everyone waits for Rohit. Nishi gets Mahesh’s message that work is done. She smiles. Rohit and Akash come back.

Sonakshi asks what happened, did you see the video. Rohit shouts stop, just think, are you sure, its a big blame, think again. She asks what did the girl say. Akash asks how much will you lie, the girl isn’t in building since last 15 days. She asks how can this happen, I met her, something is wrong. Rohit says there is a big lock, I have gone there. She says no, this is not possible. Veena says stop it, why are you doing this, Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I beg of you, trust me. Yash says just shut up, you have said a lot. Rohit says she is my wife, she is no way to talk. Yash says Nishi is my wife, you are just hearing the blames. They argue. Veena shouts stop it. She cries and scolds Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks Rohit to come with her to the police station, they will find the truth. Rohit says yes, we have to get the proof, else no one will believe. They leave. Nishi worries and stops Rohit. She says Sonakshi is a liar. She runs to her kitchen. Everyone runs after her. She locks the door and tries to burn herself. Everyone gets shocked. Rohit and Yash break open the door. They get shocked seeing the fire. Rohit runs to get a carpet. He covers Nishi and saves her. Yash takes Nishi. Nishi winks to Sonakshi. Ajit looks at Sonakshi. Its night, Nishi wakes up and checks her hands and face. She smiles. She calls Mahesh. Mahesh says I managed everything, like you told me, inspector is wounded, he can’t say anything, I have all the proof, the people were scared seeing me. I locked the flat. I threatened and bribed the watchman and I have sent that girl and her family to village. Thanks for freeing me from jail, I just want my Parvati, just ruin her love. She says don’t worry, this will happen. He puts bindi on Sonakshi’s statue.


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