Nishi creates rift between Rohit and Sona: Kaha Hum Kaha Tum: 28th January 2020: Written Update

MUMBAI: Veena asks Sona why she hide the Prenup agreement from Rohit? Rohit gets angry at Sona. Nishi is happy to see that she again Created a misunderstanding between Rohit, Sona, and Veena. Rohit tells her that according to an agreement if Sona gets a divorce then she will get 80% of Sippy's property. Sona recalls what she read in agreement that she will not get any single money of Sippy's property. Everyone gets shocked to learn about the agreement it also includes that she will get 1 core as alimony. Veena tells Rohit this is not that agreement. she tells Rohit that she haven't sign any such contract. Sona cries in front of the Sippy family. Nishi blames Sona that she changed agreement papers. Sona denies. Rohit blames Suman that she can change paper. Sona tells everyone that she is independent and she can earn for herself. Rohit again taunts Sona for acting drama. Rohit tells why did she hide this agreement from him. Sona tells them she was protecting him. Veena is shocked about the exchange of paper.

Sona tells Rohit to trust her. Rohit tells Sona that he doesn't trust her anymore. Sona is shocked. He tells her that she has changed. Nishi is happy that her plan worked she wants to heat things so she tells Rohit that she warned him not to marry Sona, She blames Sona that she already planned divorce with Rohit so that she can get her property share. Nishi tells us we should call the police. Sona also agrees with Nishi and tells her that we will know who changed papers. Rohit stops Nishi from calling the police. Rohit tells Sona that everything is over. Sona feels helpless. Sona gets the call.
on the other hand, Nishi comes to see Naren. she wishes he should die so that she will get all property. Sona meets Hirani at the police station. Nishi tells Naren that she was successful in her plan. Police tell Sona that they think Naren didn't commit suicide he got murdered. Hirani tells her that Naren was happy by Sona's suggestion and he told him to stop the transferring process. Hirani tells Police that Naren is executive and if he dies Nishi will be the holder executive of this property. Sona tells him she can't do this . She can't imagine anyone who will try to kill Naren. Sona asks police how can they be so sure that it was an attempt to murder. police explain Sona why they are so sure. Sona tells police that she will help police to catch the real culprit.

Nishi plans to torturer Sona so she will leave this house. Police tell Sona that they have given police protection. Police praise Sona as a great couple. Sona Rohit recalls all happy times spend with each other.


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