Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 11th February 2020 Written Update: Rohit Rescues Sonakshi

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Rohit saying I can’t let you go, I love you. Sonakshi says its time to leave. Earlier in the episode, Rohit shouts Sona and gets up. Mahesh runs away. The truck driver says did she die, what did we do. The men check Sonakshi. The man says she is a big heroine. The driver says we will take her. The man says you were drunk and driving, you will get caught, run away. He takes the driver. Sonakshi lies on the ground. Rohit imagines Sonakshi and apologizes. He says I love you a lot. She says I love you a lot, I can’t let you go.She says you can’t stop me, you are free completely. She goes. He shouts Sona. Nishi comes. He says you snatched my Sona, what do you want now. She says you have gone mad, we shall celebrate this victory. He says Sona is mine and I will protect Sona from you. He goes on to say that I will take revenge for Sona’s tears. He goes.

Pari and Ajit come home. Pari says we couldn’t find Sonakshi. Suman says don’t know where is she. She prays. Mahesh says Sonakshi met with a big accident. Nishi asks did she die, don’t call me now, if she is alive, then it can be a big problem, I will call you. She says wow, my fate is bad, Naren may die anytime and Sonakshi would have died, poor Rohit, how will we save a dead person. Suman, Pari and Ajit get the police and come to Sippy mansion. Suman shouts Rohit, Veena… She asks Veena where is Sona, how did you kick her out. Rohit comes in drunk state. Suman slaps him and asks where is my daughter, how did you behave with her like this, did you promise this, did you marry her for this day, how dare you call her characterless and ask for divorce, if you came to me and told you want divorce, I would have taken her, Sonakshi isn’t an orphan, I'm alive, tell me, where is she. Veena shouts on her. She insults Sonakshi and Pari.

She says Sonakshi isn’t here, we don’t want to know where is she, Rohit and Sonakshi are separated, you won’t get 80% from Sippy property. Suman asks what nonsense is this. She asks inspector to arrest all of them. Nishi says we also know laws, Sonakshi left the house herself, we aren’t responsible for it, let us live in peace. Suman goes to slap her. Yash stops Suman. He says inspector, if this woman slaps my wife, then I will file harassment case on her. Nishi says I can give a tip to find Sonakshi, maybe she has run away with some rich person. Rohit shouts enough. He asks inspector to take Suman. He asks Suman to get out. Suman leaves with Pari.

Rohit says where are you Sona. He goes to look for Sonakshi. A man asks him to stop the car. Rohit says we are finding Sona, drive ahead. The man throws the stone and stops the car. Rohit gets down and slaps him in anger. The man says please save her, that tv heroine. Rohit asks what did you say. The man says Sonakshi. Roht asks where is she. The man takes him to Sonakshi. Rohit gets shocked seeing her. He hugs Sonakshi and asks her to open eyes. Rohit and Ravi take her to the car. Rohit asks the man to call this number and inform about Sonakshi’s accident. Sonakshi says Rohit…. Rohit says I m here….

The man says I have called her, she is reaching. Rohit calls the doctor and says its an accident case, please come, I beg you, I m reaching. He takes her to some hospital. He says Ravi, stop. He asks the man to go along and say you got her with Suhail Behl. The man goes. Rohit cries. Suman and Pari come there. Suman says let me meet her. Nurse asks her to stay outside. Rohit hides from them and sees Sonakshi. Suman asks inspector who got Sonakshi here. He says a milk vendor got her and said Suhail helped him. Suman blesses the savior. Rohit asks doctor to save Sonakshi and not tell anyone that he got her. Doctor asks him not to worry. Rohit apologizes to the man and gives him money. Sonakshi’s operation goes on. Rohit gets doctor’s message that surgery is successful, Sonakshi is alright. He steps back and cries.


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