Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi finds her aim In life

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Sonakshi saying that love is nonsense and has no place in my life. She burns the marriage picture. Rohit says I love you a lot and no one can take your place in my life. He starts to drink. Some time back - Sonakshi regains consciousness. Pari cries and says I will ruin Sippy family. She calls a guy named Rahul. He says I’m in a meeting, I will talk later. She asks about Rohan and Tanya. He says Rohan told me everything and it’s better to move on. She says I have to apologize to them and asks for his help. He agrees and says that he will send the location. Rohan and Tanya are at the cafe. Pari comes there and winks at Tanya. Tanya says Pari…. Rohan asks where, how will she come here, have the soup. Pari sees the food kept for them. She adds the pill in the food. She leaves from there. Rohan catches her and asks what do you think, you can add anything in Tanya’s food and harm her, Rahul told me everything, Tanya has seen you, I didn’t let her eat the food, I love Tanya, I want to save my child, stay away from my family. He goes. She says no, nothing is over until I say.

After 5 days, Suman comes to Sonakshi’s room and switches on lights.She asks Sonakshi to drink tea. She tells her how it’s easy to talk about to love but difficult to keep it. She goes on to say that the Sippys’ didn’t value you and that Rohit doesn’t have status to handle your fame and love is nothing but nonsense. Sonakshi says its nonsense, I have faced the truth, you were always right, you are right even today, I wish I agreed to you before, now just me and my work, I have no place for love and fake things. Rohit sits to drink and says that he loves her and says that it’s important that you hate me and move on. Sonakshi throws her picture and says Sona is dead in this journey and she has no place for love in her life. Rohit says I love you a lot and no one can take your place. He drinks. She burns the picture and recalls whatever happened.

The news comes about Rohit and Sonakshi’s divorce possibility. Sonakshi comes on the sets. The media goes after her. She sees welcome back banner. Sultan welcomes her. Sunita asks how are you. Sonakshi says I’m fine and make sure nothing is spoken about Sippys around me. Sumit says welcome, I told them to welcome you with a red carpet, we will discuss about the scene. She hears the ladies about Sonakshi’s divorce. Sumit says you are working with Sonakshi since 4 years, aren’t you ashamed to say this, every news isn’t true, Sonakshi is suffering. The lady says people are saying that Rohit has left you. Another lady says marriage is important and its a woman’s responsibility to keep it. Sonakshi asks why is it believed that husband left or divorce happened, does a woman’s importance end, just a husband and wife know about the reason for marriage breaking. The lady says sorry. Sumit says ignore the nonsense, don’t take stress. Sonakshi says it doesn’t matter, I won’t be able to forgive Rohit. She goes on to say that I have to take my work and talent to new heights and I have to prove that Rohit couldn’t break me, I have to become a bigger name than Sippys. A man says we will pay any amount, but Rohit must do the operation.

Nishi says of course. Rohit comes drunk and says I will do the surgery. The man asks what happened to Rohit. Nishi says doctors live for patients. The man says I can’t believe he is drunk. He goes. She says listen to me. Ajit says you have ruined Naren and Rohit’s lives, you got this hospital, how will you run this, the hospital will run just because of them, you removed Sonakshi out of Rohit’s life, you have to pay a price for this. Sonakshi tells about a business proposal. Sonakshi says if you think its right, then it will be right, I made a big mistake by not listening to you, do what you think is right. She gets a call and asks where is he, okay, thanks Ajit. Suman asks where are you going now. Sonakshi says to meet Rohit Sippy. Rohit is outside the bar. He calls out Ravi. Sonakshi comes to him. He stares at her and says Sonakshi, what happened, did you come to beg, that I take you back. Sonakshi says I came to thank you, for loving me and then cheating on me. He says I have no interest. She says you would have read about my accident, you didn’t think to meet me. He says you look fine, do you want attention. They argue and he says all the best for your life. She says that you changed my love into hatred and now I will change this hatred into success. She goes. He says I too want this Sona so please leave me and move on.


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