Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Episode: Sonakshi meets Rohit

MUMBAI: The Episode begins with the producer spiking Sonakshi’s coffee and seen taking her to the room with him. Rohit arrives and sees her portfolio lying on the desk. Some time back, Akash tells him that Sonakshi was just giving them best wishes. Nishi says Suman and Sonakshi can’t think good for us just because Sonakshi is an actress, she always acts then they here Veena calling them out to showcase the gift received from Rastogis. Veena asks Yash to throw all the gifts out. Nishi stops him and says we will first check what they have sent, is it full of wishes or curse. She opens the gift and finds a cactus. Veena says I must say they have guts. Nishi asks Akash and Deepa,now you found it what is the gift? she has sent thorns for you. Deepa seems to be upset and says not done Sonakshi. Coming to the next seen A waiter gets coffee for Sonakshi and tells her he used to watch her show, introduce himself as one of her fan, he also says Sonakshi he left 
watching the show after her exit from the show. Sonakshi then smiles. Producer comes to her and asks for her photos. She tells the producer she have the pics in pendrive also, he asks for it. He adds some pill in her coffee. She gives the pendrive to him. He says Sonakshi he has left his laptop in room and tells her his assistant will get it and asks her to have a sip of her coffee, I will just call him and come. Sonakshi sips the coffee.

Slot changes to another scene where Doctor says he is not able to understand what has happened to Pari, she has lost her mind, and doctor says we don’t share our patient’s information to any otsiders, Rohit says she is planning to take revenge by using her own baby, which is wrong. Rohit then says she has lost her mind, she has gone mad, don’t know now what will Sonakshi undergo. Rohit asks Dr. Vandana to call Pari at classic life coffee shop, so that I will go and talk to her. On the other side the producer on call says yes, I m coming with her (Sonakshi) to the room Sonakshi
tries to handle herself and holds her head. The producer again tells her my assistant will get the laptop. She gets dizzy in few moments. He asks Sonakshi to come along with him to his hotel room, the team is already there in the room, they will see the pendrive there, She says not to worry she is fine still he asks her to come along with him and he takes her. Rahul asks Rohit if he will tell this to Tanya. Rohit denies and says he don’t want to disturb Tanya by telling this because she is 6 months pregnant, I am looking forward for Pari to abort the baby. Rahul asks Rohit how is this even possible if he have any plan? Sonakshi tries to stop the producer and she makes fun of his baldness and removes his wig. She asks him if he want to take audition in the room, Producer tries to show himself innocent and asks what are you saying, Sonakshi ji.

The people starts to look at them. Sonakshi says the producer everyone is seeing your real face and tells him let me introduce you to everyone, and she starts making fun of him she starts insulting him by calling him Mr. Taklu/bald, Mr. Ranjan, he is the one who is offering me a role in his film and he want me to give an audition in his hotel room, she asks everyone what is his motive behind taking me to his room what does he want to do, girls look at his face, if he calls you to give work, then don’t do, these are the people who defame our industry badly, you spiked my coffee, right, you thought I won’t get it and you would easily take me to your bedroom, I want to know with how many girls you have did this, but let me tell you I m not a weak girl, I admit I am in need of work, but I m not shameless to fall in your lap just to give boost to my career, I know to keep my head high in tough work. The producer tells everyone not to believe her as she is drunk and not in her senses. A girl comes forward and slaps him. Sonakshi starts laughing and says she is feeling sad for him, and asks him to have some coffee or else you would like to have a bath with it people standing there runs after him to catch him. He tries to escape away Rohit comes at the scene and sees the people running after the producer. Rohit says Pari has not arrived yet. He sees Sonakshi’s portfolio lying in front of him and asks about it.

The Waiter tells about who’s portfolio is it its Sonakshi’s, she taught a lesson to the producer. Rohit ask about the entire situation what happened. Sonakshi is seen thanking everyone. She walks for the pool side. Rohit sees her stumbling. He runs toward her and holds her hand he lifts her in his arm and takes her. Pari comes there and searches for the doctor. She calls up Dr.Vandana and Rahul spots her. Rohan ask to keep an eye on her, as he don’t want to ruin his life. Rohit suddenly sees Sonakshi and recalls their moments. Kahaan hum Kahaan tum…. (Title track plays)… He sprinkles water and asks her if she is okay. She asks him do you know who I am. He smiles and says I… Sonakshi cuts him off and says you appear as an actor. He asks oh okay do I look like SRK, John Abraham. She says no, one who is very handsome. He says is it Hrithik Roshan. She says no, I think you look like Prateep Kumar. He says I don’t know I am not sure about. She says actually no, you look like my husband and here the episode ends.


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