Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai: Ana to leave Rohit?

MUMBAI: Sheena comes to Poonam saying Abhi has left. Poonam was in panic that Ana heard everything, she must leave. Sheena tells her to chill, she didn’t take Rohit’s name. But she will know in near future, she isn’t dumb. Poonam wonders how she will react. 

Guri asks Rohit if he gifted the ring. Rohit says Guri confused him, he has agreed not to gift her. Guri asks about Abhi. Rohit says there was going to be a lot of trouble. Ana comes to them. Guri spits out that Rohit bought a surprise gift for her. He signals apologetically to Rohit and leaves. Rohit gifts Ana the diamond ring. Ana asks why he bought such an expensive gift. Rohit puts it in her ring, asking is it nice? Ana says, very. He holds her hands and says no matter what, I really really love you. Ana asks if something is wrong. Rohit asks why would there be something wrong. Its going to be New Year and her husband loves her, it’s just an expression. Is there some problem. Ana says there isn’t any problem, just that it’s expensive. Ananya says she has a surprise gift for him, but not now; at the right time. Rohit offers her to dance. She says she is fine here. She looks towards Poonam and asks Rohit if she is fine. Rohit asks why she asked. Ana says she heard Poonam and Sheena discuss Poonam had a breakup. Rohit says she just told her. Nickie invites them for dance. Ananya says a big No, and sends Rohit to the dance bar.

There on the pool side, Bani was in a hug with Aarya. Bani suggests they should leave the New Year party and go back home. Aarya kiss her hands, and says he came to say Good Bye. He is leaving tonight. He thought a lot about it. Bani was upset. Aarya hugs her intimately, removes the hair strand from her face and walks away. Bani was shattered. She grabs drink for herself. Faisal spots her take the bottle from the waiter and follows her. He comes to Bani and snatches the bottle, saying there are a lot of pains other than love. Bani kiss Faisal. Faisal tells her to relax, she loves her husband. Bani was stubborn and counters that she doesn’t love him. Faisal stops her. Bani asks what she is doing, what is wrong with her. It seems she doesn’t love him. She had only used him.

Ananya goes to washroom to repeat the test.

Bani cries that he left her. Faisal sits with Bani. He says love is complete only when someone is complete in oneself. Bani cries that she tried to stop him, he didn’t stay and left. She knows that she needs him. She sobs. Faisal asks why she kissed him then. He wipes her tears, and says she is special. She must sort herself out, and only then she should call him. He hands her the bottle with a smile, removes the hair strand from her face and kiss her forehead. Bani was moved. Faisal turns to wish her Happy New Year. Rohit had a good time with Nickie. He spots Bani upset and comes to her. Bani hugs Rohit. Sheena comes there and takes Rohit aside. She asks Rohit what he is trying to do. Rohit asks if she told her everything. Sheena replies yes she did. Rohit goes inside.

Ananya was emotional as her pregnancy test was positive. She happily leaves the room.

On the pool side, Rohit stops Poonam and asks why she told Sheena everything. Poonam says Sheena wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Poonam says Sheena forced her to meet Abhi, she had to tell her. And there Ananya was in the bathroom. She can’t handle these hot flashes. Rohit apologizes that he must think about her as well. Poonam tells Rohit that there was nothing between them, it was a moment and is over now. Why are they fueling it? Ana had heard the conversation and was taken aback. Rohit takes his coat off and invites Ananya for New Year dance. Nickie comes to take Rohit to the dance floor. Ananya was left confused, she thinks about Poonam, her love bite, the conversation with Sheena in the room.

In the room, Poonam sends a message to Rohit. Ananya takes Rohit’s mobile from his coat. There was Poonam’s message that, I am sorry. I sent you wallet to his office through Satnam. He must never tell Ananya about it, it will be a mistake. Ananya replies to Poonam that Ananya knows about it. Poonam reads the message from Rohit’s number. She replies that Ananya heard her conversation with Sheena and knows it was him, not Abhi. Poonam comes to the window and spots Ananya with Rohit’s cell phone. She runs outside. The countdown had begun. Rohit comes to Ananya. The firework had started. Rohit asks Ananya what she is doing all alone. Ananya shows him his cell phone and the messages. Poonam stops right behind them. Ananya questions Rohit how could he. Rohit says I am sorry, I can explain. Ananya turns to leave. Rohit was left stopping her. Ana walks out alone, thinking about all her times with Rohit. 

Credit : Telly Updates


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