Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai: Is Ana pregnant?

MUMBAI: Things are set to get all the more interesting in this episode.

In Delhi, Maa tells the guest to prepare guest room for Rohit. 

Poonam asks if Rohit called her, she must have asked her about it. Bani comes home. Poonam asks how she came here. Maa says its Bani’s house, she can come anyways. She says its Rohit’s house as well. Poonam tells Maa that Sheena is coming over and she had to give guest room to her. Maa says Sheena can stay with Poonam, or else Rohit…

Ana packs the luggage for Rohit. She says Nickie’s gift is in the bag, and he must tell not deep-freeze the cheese. Rohit speaks to Ana that Harry isn’t a well charactered man, she must be cautious. Ana tells him to relax, not everyone is behind his wife; he has a girlfriend as well. Rohit says he is using his girlfriend as a cover up, to flirt and take advantage of other’s wife.

Ana says unlike Rohit, like last night… Right hugs Ana from behind now, and says she was a tiger…. He says he will be coming here in next three months. They get playfully intimate again.

Harry was in a meeting with an Arab named Ahmed, they discussed that India isn’t the place for investment, instead this is the place to invest. Rohit stops by them. 

Harry says he had to leave, and Ana was reporting late as she had to see him off. Rohit says he was with Ana, but had a meeting. Harry asks here, it’s a desert and can’t see anything for meeting. Rohit greets Sheikh as well. He complements that the party was great, and it was much fun here. Ana got drunk and they had too much fun. Harry comments that it’s too much information, but Rohit insists that Harry must know. His wife is going to stay with him for two months, he must take care of her. Although personal life is different from work, and must be kept separately. Both get phone calls. It was Ana’s call. 

Harry tells Ana that his husband is here with him, he said he had an important meeting. Ana tells Harry she will see him in half an hour. Harry turns to see Rohit and watch him busy on phone, wondering he is doing meeting with whom.

Guri asked Rohit why he went to meet him. Rohit says Ana is to live here for two months. Guri says he understands his Indian man’s mentality. 

He went there to tell him that everything is well between them. Rohit turns to Harry and says he was astray and his meeting is in a different way. He suggests Sheikh to invest in India, he invested and earned a lot there. He knows how to take care of things.

Rohit had reached Delhi and spoke to Ana. He tells Ana that Maa sent the car, he is going home. Ana says he doesn’t need his reporting of every minute. Ana tells him that she now has a meeting with Harry. Rohit taunts that now she is reporting.

Poonam calls Abhimanyu, asking about the amount; she will send through driver to coffee shop. Abhimanyu replies its 10-20 lacs with interest. There, Sheena watches Abhimanyu’s profile and tells Poonam to go and meet him. 

He seems to be interesting. Poonam says she is 10 years older than him, why he keeps on insisting for a date. Sheena laughs that last year she had taught her to drink, this year she will teach her how to live. She convinces Poonam there is nothing wrong in having coffee and some laughter with someone, he might have girlfriend, or may be writing special thesis on divorced being.

Ana was lost in her cell phone. Avi shows her a design and asks where she is lost. Ana says she… in the middle of fertile period. Avi asks why she didn’t use a protection, are they teenagers. Ananya says she didn’t have to share her bedroom secrets with Avi. Rohit was so excited and she was also high, Rohit wanted a baby. Avi understands that he has marked the territory for three months, afterwards his wife would sit home. Ana says she is only sharing this because she is shared. Avi consoles her to let go of it.

At night, Rohit calls Ana saying he is missing her. Nickie hugs Rohit excitedly. Rohit tells her to talk to Ana. Ana tells Nickie there is a gift in a handbag in dad’s bag. Maa comes out to Rohit and tells him to pack his bag and leave with them. Rohit says he will live here. Nickie was excited to see her gift and thanks Ana. Maa takes the phone from Nickie. She asks Ana to give permission to Rohit to live in farmhouse.

 Ana says Rohit himself wants to stay at home, he is fine there. Maa says Rohit won’t be safe, he might drink and his sugar might also rise. Ana says she will check each day. Maa taunts that she will get time only when she is free from work. Rohit comes out, and says bye to Ana. Maa tells Rohit he can live here, she is leaving and will send her food. Nickie was busy with her new laptop.

Poonam comes to café where Abhimanyu was waiting. She had calculated the money and pays 20k. Abhimanyu orders cappuccino, but she corrects Expresso. Abhimanyu says she doesn’t seem to be Expresso person, instead a relaxed sipping Cappuccino person. She says she is divorced. 

Abhimanyu says impressive, an independent, beautiful looking independent divorced lady; it must have taken time to reach this point in time. Poonam leaves.

Rohit was sitting idle at night. He asks Ana if he must call. She replies she can’t talk, she is in a meeting.

He thinks of an empty wall and photos she wanted him to frame. Guri and Jassi were watching horror movie together. He gets a call from Rohit, who invites him for a drink. Guri says its family time. Rohit says he is all alone, it was better had he come. Guri was concerned that Rohit was all alone.

Late at night, Guri sat with Rohit while he framed the photo. Guri tells Rohit to take another drink. He had to lie a lot to Jassi. Rohit says he must have told Jassi that everything is fine between Ana and him. She is working. He can’t see her tensed and unhappy. Guri had sent him to Qatar, and Sheena gave him a better idea. He tells him to bottom’s up and suicide. Guri says there won’t be much time. Jassi always stalks for him and would kill him already.

A month later Ana and Rohit speak on call. Ana says she is missing him. Ana says she called him in the morning. Rohit says she was in bathroom, then Maa called. Rohit asks Ana when she is getting her pregnancy test. Ana says it’s really early. He gets naughty inquiring about her lingerie. Harry comes there, Ana had a meeting. Rohit tells her for a naughty FaceTime when back to hotel. At night, Rohit gets a video call from Ana. But Avi comes from behind. Ana turns off the call. She sends a voice message to Rohit,The next morning, Ana comes out of bath. She says one strip shows positive, other shows negative and she is waiting for the third. She had five bottles of water since morning, and had never peed so much in life. Avi tells her to relax. 

Ana gets a call from Rohit, inquiring about test. She says its not confirmed. She blames Rohit, as it’s his fault. Ana says she will tell him in a while about the final result of third test, and cuts the call. Ana goes to washroom, reads the strip and murmurs… Shit! Avi asks what? Ana cries that it’s over.


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