MAJOR TWIST! Sunaina accepts Ram Lakhan as her kids


MUMBAI: Meet says to Sunaina it’s true I considered you as my sister but cannot do anything for your stubbornness, you ask me my kid in your stubbornness, you are blessed that you get chance to be mother again when Tej adopted Ram Lakhan, they have always considered you as mother but you always ignored them because you think they are roadside, tell me which motherhood differentiate in this manner, Ragini Babita both if them loved us as there own daughter, they never asked anything in return from us because motherhood know only to give love. Sunaina applauds her in sarcasm and says I’ll remember this forever and says will curse you till the time I’m alive. Meet Ahlawat says to Sunaina what are you saying. Ram Lakhan says don’t say like this. Sunaina says now these roadside kids will tell me what should I do. Ram says yes we are roadside kids. Lakhan says we will leave this house but should not leave Tej papa love’s you a lot and both of them says please don’t go we will leave this house. Sunaina take her luggage and start walking. Ram Lakhan try to stop her but she push them. Lakhan bang his head in wall and start bleeding. Tej and everyone walks to Lakhan to see him. Raj scolds Sunaina. Ram ask Ragini to bring first-aid box. Lakhan says to Sunaina please don’t go Tej papa love’s you a lot. Meet says to Sunaina can you listen, he is in pain but still he have that pure love inside him, a motherhood inside a women doesn’t come because of long hairs or the way you speak, it come from heart, if you still don’t melt after his love you should accept that you don’t have any feelings of motherhood and don’t have any right to call you mother. Sunaina remembers how Ram Lakhan always forgive her for everything and ready to be like she wants, she drop her luggage, walk to Lakhan and hug her tightly, she apologie to Lakhan. Ram says we are also sorry we also troubled you a lot please forgive us for everything. Lakhan says you will not go. She says yes only if you allow me to be your mom, I know I’m not that capable but I’ll try to be best mom. Lakhan ask so can we call you Sunaina mummy. Tej in tears thinks, thanks Meet you gave me my happiness back. Sunaina hugs Ram Lakhan. Meet says to Tej what are you doing here go with them and complete family. Tej walks to them and hug. Everyone emotional. Meet says now I’m worried about one thing, now I have to give you this necklace because now you will be mom of two kids and now this belongs to you, she take out necklace and make her wear. Sunaina thanks Meet for opening her eyes. Meet says this suits you. They both hug eachother. Everyone gets happy. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I’m proud of you. Babita start the baby shower. Sunaina says I want my kids to be with me and calls Ram Lakhan. Raj says to Sunaina, now you have proved that you have accepted them from your heart, god bless you and ask Meet was this adopting idea was yours. Meet says yes. Raj says I want many people should adopt kids and proper other kids life too. Babita says let’s start the baby should and they begin with the ceremony. Meet says to Sunaina you will be the best mom and did you forgive me for what happen. Sunaina says I would like to thank you for what you did, you bring me out of darkness. Babita ask Masum to give her gift. Masum congratulate Sunaina for having grown up kids. Sunaina says there are pros and cons in everything and in this condition I can maintain my figure for long time. Babita says let’s take family photo. Meet ask Tej to come and sit with Sunaina and they click family photo.

Meet in her room. Anubha ask her what happen is it paining. Meet ask her when did you come. Anubha says I was missing you so came to see and ask are you tiered, have swelling legs and many mood swings. Meet says yes you are right I don’t understand but how you know that are you doctor. Anubha says I already felt everything at the time of Manushi and you. Meet says so this means every pregnant girl faces same. Anubha says yes and now you are on third stage, you will be facing a lot and have to take care of you. Meet ask I saw in tv women shouting in pain do they face that much amount of pain. Anubha says yes. Meet ask her how did you handled that pain two times. Anubha says only women can face a lot of pain and who is capable to bring new life to world that’s why women are considered as great and you are my strong girl you can face that pain easily. Meet says you have magic in your hands I’m so relaxed. Anubha says I was thinking to talk to Babita and take you home because you will be needing good care and this is ritual too, first delivery should be done at her house and I have already talked to doctor in city hospital and taken care of every situation. Meet Ahlawat hear and says to Anubha I’m sorry but I can’t give you permission to take Meet with you because I know you won’t take me with you, I’ll get bore here please take me too. Meet says to Anubha go and talk to Babita. Anubha says okay and she walk out. Meet Ahlawat start acting like kid infront of Meet. Meet says stop acting like kid I need to go because I’m having lot’s of trouble. Meet Ahlawat says good then I’ll also go with you and take your proper care, will you really go with Anubha. Meet ask do you want me to go? He says you should go she can take your proper care and please come fast now hug me.

Babita says to Anubha I know you will take good care of Meet, I have no doubt and I care about your feelings but still I can send her with you. Anubha ask why?

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