Meet 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Laila tricks Meet and Meet Ahlawat

Meet 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Laila tricks Meet and Meet Ahlawat

MUMBAI: Meet’s bracelet get stuck in Meet Ahlawats watch. Meet thinks why am I feeling different is breaking of mangalsutra is bad omen. Laila looking at them from distance with covered face. Meet Ahlawat ask driver to deop Meet at Dadi’s home.

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Barfi wake up and see Neelu is not sleeping beside her, she says I gave her medicine then how did she wake up and how come she knows Meet Ahlawat message her to meet. She get out of bed and search for Laila’s phone in her bag, she says I have to stop her before she take any step.

Laila standing behind Meet Ahlawat thinks to catch me you have to plan like me and Meet Ahlawat will be mine. Meet Ahlawat working. Laila walk towards him thinking I’m here to take you, I was late but still I come, she pour something on hanky. Meet Ahlawat sleeping and she try to make him unconscious. Meet come out of cartain box. Meet Ahlawat remove her hand and get up from his desk.

Barfi looking for Laila. Babita stops her ask where are you going this late night. Barfi says I came to kitchen to take water, I heard few voice from outside so thought of checking door, why you aren’t sleep. Babita says I was talking to Tej because of time difference between India and Newyork, now I’ll go and tell about Isha’s condition to Ram and Ragini, don’t worry gate is locked come let’s go to sleep. Barfi thinks it’s not possible for me to get out don’t know what she will do.

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Meet says what you thought I left my Meet Ahlawat, she remembers asking Shyam to leave for home and says now I’ll bring you face infront of everyone. Meet start walking towards her but Meet Ahlawat fall down. Meet ask are you alright, keep your eyes open. Laila tun away. Meet says handle yourself I’ll come soon and she start chasing her in godown. Meet chasing her. Laila hide behind boxes. Meet says whoever you are I’ll bring your face infront of everyone. Meet Ahlawat get’s unconscious and he fall down. Laila break the bulb by throwing stone and run away in darkness. Meet looking for her. Laila thinks you consider yourself smart now see what I’ll do, she approach towards her but Mest tuen around and push her. Meet corner her and try to reveal her face. Laila push her and try to make her unconscious. Meet push her back. Laila throw water on circuit board to cut electricity. Meet says why are you running if you have strength come fight with me. Laila traps Meet from behind and put her hankie of her face. Meet falls down. Laila say till the time you will wake up your Meet Ahlawat will be far away with me and this diwali your life will be in darkness. Meet get up and hit Laila with a stick on her head. Meet try to walk away but she not in her senses, she thinks I have to go to Meet Ahlawat.
Meet Ahlawat lying on floor. Meet try to wake him up. Laila hit Meet on her head with stick. Meet fall down. Meet holds Meet Ahlawat hand says I won’t let him go but Laila drag him away from her. Laila pickup stick and hit on Meet’s hand multiple time, her hand start bleeding and she leave Meet Ahlawat’s hand. Laila says if you will mess with me you will only get pain, now see in sometime I’ll take him with me, you lost now I’ll he will go with me far away from you. Laila pick Meet Ahlawat and start taking him with her. Meet lying on floor

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