Meet 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Babita slaps Meet infront of everyone.

Meet 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Babita slaps Meet infront of everyone.

MUMBAI :Babita push Meet infront of everyone. Meet falls down. Raj shouts at Babita says what is this behaviour. Babita shouts ask her where is my son. Masum says how can you be so sure she kidnapped. Raj says she cannot think in her dreams. Babita says but she did she kidnapped my son, I saw that place where she kept him, before me reaching the location she hid him look at his wallet watch, everything is of Meet Ahlawat. Meet says to Raj I’m telling truth that girl is Neelu, she want Meet Ahlawat forcefully. Masum says Neelu is already his wife and now she is obsessed and kidnapped him, great. Meet says please try to understand me, believe me she is Neelu.

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Laila in car with Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat wakes up see he is been taken somewhere else. He thinks at the moment they are not concentrating on me right now I can run away. Meet Ahlawat get up and start choking driver and ask him to stop car. Laila says car won’t stop and look at me, can’t you see my love for you, we will go far away and start our life in new way, she ask him to leave driver. Meet Ahlawat push her and ask him to stop car. Driver stop car and point gun at him.

Raj says this girl did a lot for this house and now you are misbehaving with her. Babita says you don’t believe me Raj, I think you never saw insecurity inside her and she build a story against her. Meet says we have to keep and eye on Neelu and we will reach Meet Ahlawat. Barfi shouts at Meet and says you want to humiliate my daughter infront of everyone but my Neelu is innocent, she won’t talk about killing someone or kidnapping, everyone know about you that you are Meet Ustaad of Shahbadh.

Laila ask driver to out gun down. Meet Ahlawat get out of car and run away.

Barfi scolding Meet and says I’ll tell everyone with reason she is that obsessed girl, she show her injured hand to everyone, they see her mangalsutra wrapped around her wrist and says it you have no relation with Meet Ahlawat then why are you wearing this.

Meet Ahlawat running away to save his life.
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Barfi says ask her about Karwachauth too. Raj ask her tell us truth. Meet says yes I kept fast for him because we both love eachother, we came to tell you truth but Neelu was pregnant became a big news, ask Barfi she only told us not to tell anyone or else Neelu’s life will be ruined because she is not pregnant with Meet Ahlawat’s kid. Everyone in shock. Barfi acts like she dont know anything and says she is judging my daughter’s character and all of you is just listening not taking any actions, atleast say her something about your son, if she can kidnap her husband then think what she can do to my daughter, Neelu is not safe here I have to leave. Babita rush to Barfi hugs her says please don’t say like the don’t worry nothing will happen to your daughter. Babita walks to Meet and shouts at her this is last time I’m asking where is my son. Meet says I’m telling truth she is lying to save her daughter. Babita slaps her. Raj says don’t even try to think next time of doing something like this. Babita says then listen it’s about my son’s life and I’ll go to any extent to save my son and she shouts everyone come inside. Police officer’s walks in. Babita ask them to arrest Meet for kidnapping Meet Ahlawat. Raj says why mess are you doing. Babita says it’s punishment for her and I’ll not forgive her. Meet says to Inspector I need 24 hours to find Meet Ahlawat because whatever happening to Meet Ahlawat is a big pre planned case, I have already told everything to SP and if you arrest me then real culprit will be out and don’t know what else he can do with him and ask him to give her 24 hours to find Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat running away from goon and Laila. Meet Ahlawat standing outside his house looking inside. He walks slowly towards the gate. Meet run towards door to see Meet Ahlawat but constable stop him from going out and goons take Meet Ahlawat away from everyone’s vision. Meet looking outside but finds no one. Laila give chloroform to Meet Ahlawat and he looses his consciousness. Meet thinks why I feel Meet Ahlawat is around. Female constable ask her to go inside. Meet walks to Inspector ask about 24 hours. Inspector says as you were in police department so for that I’ll give you 24 hours and they leave. Babita says to Meet you got 24 hours but in you won’t come near around Neelu and if anyone tell where she is admitted then I won’t spare him too, she give her a timer says if you didn’t come before tomorrow’s Diwali pooja then you will surrender yourself to police.

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