Meet 15th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Babita learns about Manushi’s reality

MUMBAI: Meet disguised as Natwarlal with Kunal in market. Kunal cursing Manushi and her sister Meet. Meet punch hum and says your are worst more then my sister and played with my family with help of Manushi and remove her disguise. Kunal in shock try to run but couldn’t and says you purposely made me stand in asphalt, I got so lost in cursing Manushi that I forgot to look around my environment, he sits down and apologize. Meet says shutup or else I’ll shut you up permanently with this asphalt, now come with me and tell everything what you told me to Meet Ahlawat and Babita. She brings rope from car and tie his hands.

Meet Ahlawat with Manushi in fashion show we can’t do anything with jewellery right now because it’s mom fashion show and it if we do something now she will get disrespect because of fashion show. Manushi says I don’t care at all, these media people will talk for few days and after that everything gets normal, try to think about our happiness right now and don’t be emotional fool for your mom, we have time let’s run. Babita shouts Manushi’s name, walks to her and slaps.

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Meet trying to free Kunal. He gets free push Meet, put knife on her neck and says don’t try to move. Kunal remember cutting his rope. He take her to asphalt and tie her says don’t come in between my matter again and run away. Meet remove her slippers says he thinks he ran away but don’t know I allowed him to run and I have recorded everything in camera pen and thinks I’ll tell you truth if you be in my life or not.

Babita shouts at Manushi says how dare you think of selling our families jewellery, your sister always think of Meet Ahlawat’s happiness before her and you who is trying to break our family, a selfish girl like you I never seen. Manushi says to Babita you are no better, always praising your son and thinking about happiness of your son and ruined everyone’s happiness because of that. Babita says you are absolutely right, I was so blind sighted by my son’s love that I accepted a selfish girl like you for his happiness and you don’t deserve anyone. Amma walks in and says you pay for your own deeds finally your true face is revealed and says to Babita she wrote everything fake in letter, she took paper of our house and asked me to say lie infront of you, she took happiness of Meet it was her choice to run from marriage, Meet always think of good for others but this Manushi threaten to kill me and stop her from running. Manushi push Amma and says I really don’t care what you think about me I care only about one thing that my Meet Ahlawat loves me and ready to live with me. Meet seeing everything. Meet Ahlawat remove her hand and says I hate you Manushi Hudda. Manushi says what are you saying we have jewellery worth crores, just come with me. Meet Ahlawat says I was wrong till now only thinking about you, but the time I get to know about you reality there was only one thing which was hate, I was also playing with you like you play with others, I’ll tell you the reason of loving you, it was Huddah house and give the papers to real owner of the house Amma and Aunty and give paper to Amma and says to your heart is black and want to show this to Babita which was my second intension to tell how Meet actually is with others, you cannot stand infront of her pure intentions, when Meet took part in wife number 1 competition then I thought I should do something to be husband number 1 because she is already number 1 wife and will be. Meet in tears call take Meet Ahlawat’s name. They both run to eachother and hug. Meet says you almost killed me. Meet Ahlawat apologize and says I want to finish all this Manushi’s drama for good and you also realised that I’m smarter then computer. Manushi try to walk away but Amma holds her says where are you going you clever fox with Ahlawat’s jewellery and remove all her jewellery. Manushi says to Meet I’ll not leave you. Meet Ahlawat says before that you have to face me first. Manushi says what did you said I have to face your first and what about your mom how will you protect your mother’s reputation without a show stopper, I’ll disrespect you all infront of whole media, just wait and watch, you won’t be able to whitewash this disrespect of your carrier. Babita says I deserve this disrespect for what I did but you don’t deserve to be here for a moment and push her. Amma give jewellery to Babita and walks to Meet says this is the last belonging of your father and with help of Meet Ahlawat we got these papers back and hugs Meet. Meet says stop it you will make me cry. Amma apologize for everything. Meet says I have no grudges, I heard everything.

Babita remember about the challenge and says I disrespected my daughter in law love infront of my son’s love, I hurt her feelings, how will I face them and apologize. Meet walks to Babita says it’s okay everybody is wrong some time and if we talk about apologizing elder blessings over weigh those things I just want you to let me be your son’s wife and let us pave our own way. Babita says you are the only one for my son. And accept my daughter in law, from now you both will walk together. Meet Ahlawat hear everything. Amma walks to them and says I use to pray daily for your families happiness and these kids too and have blessings of elders. Amma hugs Meet and Meet Ahlawat hugs Babita. Organisers walks to Babita says what am I hearing that you are walking out at 11th hour. Babita says I don’t have show stopper so I cannot participate. Owner says do you have any idea how much loss we would have to face and top of that what about your brand, no will like to work with you because of your unprofessionalism. Meet says she is very professional in her work and don’t worry you continue with your show, the designer dress and show stopper will be on ramp. Babita says how. Meet says trust me. Babita ask organiser to go. Meet ask Meet Ahlawat to get ready. Meet Ahlawat says yes the show must go on and we will rock.

Host welcome everyone for show says this evening will be great because it’s time for Chandigarhs bridal week and welcome chief guest Mr. Makhija. Masum says to Hoshiyar do you know who is Me. Makhija he is the owner of India’s top brands and all the designer want to collab with him. Hosiyar says but why is he flabbergasted. Manushi says he is posing. Raj calls Babita and says there is a good news Mr. Makhija is here all the best. Babita gets excited and says to Meet Ahlawat Mr. Makhija is here. Meet Ahlawat says that Mr. Makhija who you always wanted to collab with. Babita says yes I always wanted to work for his brand. Meet says don’t worry you will win this time and will get offer. Babita says I wish and says I’ll be backstage. A girl beings the dress for model. Meet Ahlawat stops girl take veil from her and put it on Meet says my wife will walk the ramp with me. Meet start getting hiccups and says what are you saying. Meet Ahlawat put hand oh her face.

Host introduce contestent about there theme. Every model on ramp. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I cannot do ramp walk. Meet Ahlawat listing to me or I’ll pick you up and take to ramp. Host introduces Babita Ahlawat and her theme my son’s wedding. Two model walks the ramp. Hoshiyar says it’s me. Two model walks as Raj and Babita. Host introduce the last models. Meet Ahlawat on stage. Everyone cheers. Meet Ahlawat walk the ramp. Light switches off. Everyone panick. Meet Ahlawat says Meet come out light’s are off and look for her says where is my bride. Meet shouts here is your wife and see Meet on ladder. Meet Ahlawat what are you doing there. Meet says I’m repairing electricity. Hoshiyar says you look beautiful while repairing light in brides dress. Organisers says come down we will send electrician. Meet says electricity dosent know who is repairing it a electrician or a lady and she repair it and get down to Meet Ahlawat says you trapped me, I cannot walk like model. Meet Ahlawat says walk like the way you do in Shahbadh in your own swag. Meet says I’m getting cold. He holds her hand and they walk the ramp. Mr. Makhija says wait a minute I want lights on, is this a joke her height dosent matches, she is not wearing heels and scolds Meet and make fun of her. Meet try to walks away but he stops her says waitand talk to Makhija says hello, I have all the answers, I agree that my wife is not a professional model. Audience make fun of them. Meet Ahlawat says if you allow can I ask you few questions and says who is your role model. Lady judge says my mother. He ask can you tell me about her waist. Lady judge says 40. Ask another judge about his role model. He says Elvis Desouza. Meet Ahlawat ask about his height. He says 5’3″. Meet Ahlawat says when our role model don’t stand on beauty standard then why we ask standard model to carry out these dresses, it’s always said to look for inner beauty but we run for outer beauty, person is beautiful from inside. Mr Makhija says can ask a question from your wife. He says yes. Mr Makhija ask her what do you fell when you look yourself in mirror do you have any insecurities. Meet says no never, infact when I look in the mirror I don’t believe my fortune, I have such good in-laws and it’s said the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, tell me do you find any insecurities when you look at your parents at this age. Mr Makhija says not at all infact they are most beautiful person for me. Meet says right they must be, when you love someone you cannot find any insecurities in them all you see is love and you believe that and if we talk avout height and personality it’s been made by god and who are we to judge that, many people feel insecure and under confident became of all this beauty standard, but we need to understand if beauty is everything then why did he send us with brain and heart, everybody have some kind of quality and that can be seen only when you look inside. Raj and everyone claps for Meet . Mr Makhija start walking out. Meet says to him your brand is world famous, its unique then why do are you running behind that old practice of beauty standard. Makhija give her thumbs up and sit down. Meet and Meet Ahlawat complete there ramp walk. Everyone applauds for there performance. Babait come to stage. Makhija give trophy to Babita and a check of 50lakh.

Everyone receive a message on there phone. Someone throws a slipper on Meet Ahlawat and everyone protest against Meet Ahlawat. Meet says what is this. Lady says it’s your husband who disrespected, talking about his ideol wife and acting to have an affair with someone else. Meet says what are you talking. Lady says look your phone and you will know. Meet ask her phone from Anubha and see the video says Manushi accused you for ME TOO. Everyone says we want justice and try to put shoes garland on Meet Ahlawat. Meet stops that lady and I dare you to move forward and justice will be served call the person who wants it and will talk infront of everyone.

PreCap :Meet ask Isha to call Kunal and Pandit ji who married them so that everyone knows the truth. Manushi says to Kunal don’t tell everyone truth so that I’ll file case against Meet Ahlawat and take money.

Babita says to Taj how could you do that to me you should have asked me first before taking away my Tej from me. Sunaina says who will I live there alone. Raj says you must have thought first before sending legal notice

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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