Meet 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Popat tell Meet Ahlawat about his baby

Meet 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Popat tell Meet Ahlawat about his baby

MUMBAI :Meet says to Kunal listen to me. Kunal says I throw your baby down. Meet throw sand at his face. Kunal kick the stroller. Meet jump and save it from falling down the building.

Barfi Devi say’s okay things will happen the way Deep wanted, I won’t say anything to police or your sister and if you want this should be a secret you have to pay for that. Meet Ahlawat I’ll do whatever you ask me to do, if you want my life I won’t step back, I’ll do everything what Deep would have done for you, I’ll give you all the money and wealth you want. Barfi slaps him says what will be the use of money for me, my son is dead there is no one to spend. Meet Ahlawat ask so tell me what you want. Barfi Devi says you have to marry my daughter.

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Meet save her child from falling. Manushi grab Meet from behind but she tackle bot Manushi and Kunal.

Meet Ahlawat says how can I do this I’m already married, you may think my wufe left me but my wife is already here as Manjari, how can I do that it’s impossible for me. Barfi says it will be difficult when I’ll say something. Meet Ahlawat says how will I do this and he sit in her legs. Pandit come with fire, Barfi take the torch says you are his childhood friend, do the ritual. Meet Ahlawat perform the ritual. Barfi says before this fire go out give me answer and it should be yes or else I’ll ruin your sister’s life.

Manushi and Meet at ground fighting for baby. Meet see the pit. Manushi get’s stuck in pit, she shouts in pain and ask for help, says it’s burning. Popat says to Meet let’s go from here let her suffer. Meet, Anubha and Popat start walking. Anubha says go help her. Manushi ask Kunal to help. Kunal walks to her and try to help her. Anubha says forgive her and help her. A boy sit in road roller he start ut and put it in drive mode. Road roller approaching towards Manushi. Kunal get’s scared he run away without helping her. Anubha says go help her Meet or something bad will happen. Meet says no you don’t know what Manushi did to me and my baby, a sister may forgive her but a mother can’t. Anubha says please save her for every promise you give her on rakshabandhan and she beg for her. Meet rush towards road roller, she try to apply breaks and road roller stop, she saves Manushi’s life. Popat says I have seen first person in my life who helped her enemies. Manushi says to Meet I don’t want to die, it’s paining a lot help. Meet pour diesel on her leg and her leg come out of pit. Workers come out to assist Manushi.

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Anubha, Popat and Baby sit in cab. Anubha guve baby a locket. Popat says he is crying a lot I’ll bring water or milk for him. Popat at store buys water bottle. Meet Ahlawat walks to Popat ask why did you call me here don’t try to play more game with me, I know Manjari is Meet where is she. Popat says that girl just got your baby back from Manushi. Meet Ahlawat ask what are you saying this is not possible because my baby was dead. Popat says you baby is alive, one year back Manushi kidnapped your child and kept a dead one there, that’s why she decided to fight to get her baby back and become Manjari to get her baby back from Manushi. Meet Ahlawat says this means that was the deal between Manushi and Manjari. Popat says yes she became Manjari ffrom last one year so that Manushi get’s trapped and get her baby back. Meet Ahlawat ask then why did she kept faith in me I did everything in my life whatever she asked, why did she hide everything from me. Popat says you know her and in the end your Meet won your baby is with Anubha in that cab. Meet Ahlawat points toward car and ask where is Meet. Popat says she went to save Manushi. Anubha with baby in cab. Anubha see Meet and Meet Ahlawat standing on opposite sides of car smiling.

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