Meet 16th February 2022 Written Episode Update : Masum plans against Sunaina succeds

MUMBAI: Meet says to lady you want justice, call the victim she will get justice infront of everyone. Manushi at stage. Meet says to her when this much was happening with you then why didn’t you said first. I was bounded because I was working for Babita and I was scared if I say something she would remove me from job then how will I pay bills of my house along with that Meet Ahlawat was habits get increased, now you tell being beautiful is my fault. Amma says don’t know when did she learnt to tell lie. Babita says she is lying nothing happen like this. Manushi says you will say so because you were blind in your son’s love, infact aunty told me to have an extra marital affair with her son, I’m ashamed how could you do this with a woman after being a woman. Women says to Babita don’t you feel ashamed. Meet says to everyone she is my sister but she is not that true the way she is showcasing, I’ll show you her reality and ask her name. She says Manushi Hudda. Meet says switch off lights and play the video of Kunal which she recorded from spy pen. Everyone in shock after seeing Kunal. Raj says to Meet Kunal and Manushi were married. Meet ask Raj do you know him.

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Isha says he is our relative. Manushi says this is fake and she is lying, you must have threaten him and give him money to say this. Meet says to Isha in makeup room Kunal and Pandit is in makeup room can you call them. Manushi says okay call I’m not scared of anyone. Isha go to call them. Manushi thinks og god if they come here I won’t be able to fake anything, I must find a way to run and start acting like she is having headache and sit down. Isha gets call and she gets busy in call. Manushi see her and run toward makeup room. Everyone seeing Manushi’s footage talking to Kunal in makeup room, how she planned everything against Meet Ahlawat and will take money after filing a case against him, we will split money but please don’t tell anybody and run away. Anubha brings Manushi infront of everyone. The guy come out dressed as Kunal in makeup room. Manushi try to run away but Meet hold her and says didn’t you thought about respect of your family before doing this, what happen to you, you have so much pride on your beauty, today everyone has seen your ugliness just see how much worse you are I feel ashamed of myself being your sister, you know that accusation of ME TOO that you put on Meet Ahlawat is actually for girls who have torture mentally and physically and nobody supported them even after years of struggle that was the reason to start that movement so that everyone can understand their pain and people start taking these movements lightly because of people like you who misuses it because they think women are lying. Women apologize to Meet Ahlawat and Meet for misbehaving and says to Manushi we will paint her face black to set and example for others and file a case against her so that girls like her cannot manipulate us and take her away.

Next morning. Meet in her room getting ready. Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet ask her are you thinking or staring. Meet Ahlawat says I was thinking while looking at you, I always thought that you are goon, when I saw you, you were beating him and stealing his money. Meet says I was not stealing money infact he was stealing, that day I was coming to return you money, he was trying to steal it so I also hit him. He says and what about Ravi he said you hit him. Meet says he was Manushi. He says this means you are not goon and attack people. Meet says I’m not goon and attacking people depends upon his behaviour. Meet Ahlawat help her to takeoff pin from her dress. Meet go out of room and says I’m goon only for you and start playing scary sound inside room. Meet Ahlawat get’s scared and start looking for the source or sound, he find the toy under the bed and calls Meet says I have seen you come inside. Meet walks to him says so you found it. He says what is this. Meet says its toy. He ask what is ths doing here. She says it was hidden from you to scare you because you also scared me when talking about leaving me but you find it earlier, next time if you made plan and didn’t include me then I’ll not leave you. Meet Ahlawat says sorry to her and start doing sit-ups. Meet stops him.

Babita and Raj in hall. Babita calls Sunaina and says to Raj you will seprate the family. Everyone come. Sunaina says what happen. Babita says you cannot seprate Tej from me. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj is that true. Raj says yes. Meet walks to Raj says you believe in staying together then why this decision. Raj says there are some people in this house who’s thoughts don’t align with my, don’t want to live together. Sunaina says are you talking about me. Masum says yes he is talking about you. Sunaina says there is some misunderstanding I don’t want to leave everyone and live in bunglow alone. Raj says you must have thought this before sending notice. Masum says exactly, you know he was hurt when you send the notice and now you are denying. Raj says didn’t you write in notice that you want yo live alone and want Tej’s share from will. Ragini says to Raj Sunaina cannot do this there is some misunderstanding. Raj says there is no misunderstanding and says to Sunaina I asked you about the notice or not and scream at her. Sunaina remember that and says yes you asked, I send you notice but that was not the content. Raj says don’t worry you won’t have to send another notice I have separated your and Tej’s share from will, now you can live the way you want. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj try listen first. Raj says decision is been takeyand everyone knows in this room that I buied new house and says to Sunaina you will get your money in next two three days then you can leave this house. Sunaina try to hold Raj’s hand but she push her hand and leaves in tears. Babita congratulate Sunaina and says finally you took revenge, I’ll never forgive you and leaves. Masum says to Sunaina you did wrong, you shouldn’t have hurt Raj’s daughter and leave. Sunaina in tears. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I don’t believe this. Meet Ahlawat I aslo don’t believe and we cannot let our family get apart like this. Meet thinks I need to find out truth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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