Meet 1st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet finds Hawa Singh in academy

MUMBAI: Everyone in hall. Meet thinks where is Meet Ahlawat he is away since morning. Tej ask meet to go. Raj says you should leave if you will wait more then you will be late. Ragini says yes and give her sweet curd to eat. Meet says I won’t go before meeting Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says and I won’t let you go without meeting me and walks to her with poojs thali. Meet says I was waiting for youwhere were you. Meet Ahlawat says I was praying for you to God and do aarti to Meet and tie a thread in her hand says this will protect you from every danger and when you will be back as an inspector I’ll be waiting for you here with my open hands please come fast and they both hug eachother. Meet start crying. Meet Ahlawat make fun of her. Ram standing alone says I know very well that you can go to any extent to find murderers, but I won’t let you go there, I cannot bring my family in any kind of danger, your happiness won’t stay for long.

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Meet at police academy turn off the alarm, take her father’s photo says today I have taken my first step of my dreams this way will take me to your murderers and give justice to you.

Meet Ahlawat in his room wake up from alarm and call Meet. Meet picks her phone says you are awake so early. He says you are already awake. Meet says I didn’t slept. He says I thought I’ll wake you up but you didn’t slept only, you ruined my excitement. Meet make fun of him. He gets angry. She says I was just teasing you. You don’t believe that I was awake whole night to wake you up. She says I can see you swelled up face, you get angry on small talks that’s why I was teasing you, she apologize to him and says if you won’t talk to me then who will give me best wishes for academy. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t wish to say but I’m missing you a lot. Meet says listen you know your promise. He says yes I know. Shr okay now I have to leave. He says wait I want to see you in uniform. Meet stand up and show her uniform. Meet Ahlawat is that boy’s uniform. She says I also feel like they have given me boy’s uniform, I’ll go and check other trainees yoo what they are wearing. Meet Ahlawat wishes her luck and disconnects phone.

Raj, Ram and Babita in hall. Ragini brings tea for them. Raj says I’m missing Meet’s tea. Babita says it’s not one day and you are missing her there are still months to go, don’t know why but I’m worried about Meet Ahlawat don’t know he will spend time without her, I’m thinking te send him Hong Kong on vacation he will feel good and make him busy that he wont feel absence of her and I’ll ask him to source design and materials from there. Meet Ahlawat walks in says I’m not going hongkong and give medicine to Raj and says to Babita I know how much you all love me and cannot see me sad but tell me who could make me happy then my family but this is true is miss Meet, it feels like see is somewhere near and will come taking my name, I learnt a thing from her she set her goal if life for her father, after seeing her I also feel like remove dad’s load and take company to another level that’s why be stress free from bow on I’ll handle the company you can sit relax and give me instructions.

Meet in corridor says why I cannot see any trainee and see two girls in different uniform thinks they are wearing full pants there must be some confusion that’s why I got that, she walks to cafeteria and looks at everyone says why only my uniform has changed all girls are wearing full paints. A boy walks to her says you need height in police and get back says she is a girl. Meet says I’m Meet Hooda. He teases her on her appearance. Other boy ask her about her hostel. Meet says I’ll give you all the information afterwards now let me go for some important work and leave. Meet outside says I need to go and talk training incharge.

Meet Ahlawat to his dad give me your blessings so that I can take our pharmaceuticals company to another level. Raj says you have grown old wishes him best if luck and here is a small gift for you, give him keys says my brand new car for you and you have earned this. Meet Ahlawat says you are the best dad in the world but I cannot accept this, I want to make your name shine after that you can give me this. Ram says they way you are upset here I think Meet won’t survive there long. Everyone ask what do you mean. Ram says I mean that she loves him a lot and I don’t think she can be there for long time without him and thinks I have to be careful that I will be reason for Meet homecoming.

Meet in corridor says to guard I need to meet training incharge I want to know why I got boys uniform it’s very important. Guard says he is busy in meeting wait for sometime. Meet says I have to go for my training it’s first day let me in. He says I said you no already. Meet says then how will I change my uniform and go for training. Incharge from inside shout let her in.

Meet enter the office. Officer ask what is the problem. Meet says my name is Meet Hooda batch number 18 I have got boys uniform and my training is going to start in sometime and by mistake someone has given me boy’s uniform because I have boy’s name. Hawa Singh turn and says how can anybody not recognise you Meet Hooda. Meet in shock.

Meet Ahlawat in office conducting a meeting and price inflation because of foreign companies and how middle and lower class is affected.

Hawa Singh says to her what do you think only you can come to here, no I also played my game to come here. Meet says I don’t have time please provide me uniform so that I can reach on time. Hawa Singh says Meet Hooda goon of Shahbadh, you are already doing work of a boy have haircut and can ride a bike like boys you are total boy and afterall girls like to walk tall with boys and to show that everyone is equal, so go do your drill in this uniform. Meet says it’s not about what I can do and cannot it’s about rules of this academy, you cannot go over that rules I came here to ask for female uniform and you have to provide me.

Tej says to Meet Ahlawat if we do pricing to bear minimum then it will affect our profit. Meet Ahlawat says I know you kust be having this issue, we will be targeting two bigger audience middle and lower class and will be doing our social responsibility and this won’t compromise our profit and one day we will be on top. Everyone appreciate his idea.

Babita and raj in bedroom. Raj clapping for Meet Ahlawat. Babita says you look happy. Raj says your son prove how capable he is I have not to worry more he can handle to company and I can enjoy my life. Babita says wait a minute now you will take retirement sit in house and trouble me on small things. Raj says no I’ll do what you said in morning, we will go on holiday in Hongkong and we will give all the responsibilities to our son and daughter and we will enjoy our life now it’s are time to romance, just look in paper. Babita looks in paper says that’s why I’m your fan.

Hawa Singh says to Meet go out and wait, I’ll see what I can do for your uniform. Meet leave the office. Hawa Singh enjoying inside. Meet thinks I need to think something it’s enough.

Meet Ahlawat see jalebi in his room he pick the box, a note in it says 4 April 7p.m, he thinks is there something special. He looks at Meet and congratulate her. Meet says not me congratulate Methae and tells the timing for new show

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