Meet 22nd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet scared for Meet Ahlawat

MUMBAI: Meet finds a letter which is a death threat for her husband, she says danger is somewhere near I have to find it. Meet Ahlawat and Tej having drinks. Meet thinks to keep Mest Ahlawat save I have to take him somewhere safe, she walks to him says come we have to go,. Meet Ahlawat says my girlfriend is in mood and get naughty with her. Meet says stop it we have to go from here it’s dangerous. Meet Ahlawat says yes let’s find some corner. Raj come and calls everyone and say a poem for Babita infront of everyone and tells how romantic he is and how he prapose her but it was Babita’s mother. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj that we got culture from mom’s side and romance from you, he looks at Sunaina says why are your cheeks not coloured. Tej says she have an allergy. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I’ll organic colour for you. Sunaina says it’s okay. Meet looking for danger and says it was mentioned that danger is something related to festival, everyone in my family is related to festival, is that all are in danger, no it was written for my husband, how can I find it, Hawa Singh must have send someone here.

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Ram Lakhan throws colour on Sunaina. Sunaina shout at them. Tej walks to them and says why are you getting angry I ask them to throw colour on you. Sunaina get’s angry and says nobody listen to me here atleast you could and walk away. Ram Lakhan ask Tej why did you tell lie to Sunaina and get scolded. Tej says I’m adult and you are kids so I was just protecting you.
A man with Dhol keeping and eye on Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat drunk trying to eat pani puri. Meet see him and rush towards him, push him and he drop pani puri. Meet says first let me check things then you can eat and start smelling everything. Meet Ahlawat says you are doing things alone and try to walk away. Meet holds his hand push him towards her. Meet Ahlawat says we are safe here our parents can’t see us and you are getting naughty and touchy. Meet says yes you are my boyfriend I’ll be stuck with you and won’t leave you alone and she tie her duppata with Meet Ahlawat’s and from now you we both will be together and she give him pani puri to eat and thinks I’ll see how a danger will come to you in my presence.
Isha on stage doing announcement for Ahlawat’s family to enjoy and play holi. Everyones start playing holi, dancing and enjoying. Meet alert all time looking for danger. Everyone enjoying. Ram nod his head to the person with dhol. Meet says I have checked everything there where could be danger. Meet Ahlawat untie himself from Meet and go away. Person with Dhol keeping eye and walk to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat enjoying and playing with dhol. Meet looks at them and rush towards the person with dhol and punch him ask who send you. He says I don’t know that guy but he is present in this party. Meet says Hawa Singh is in this party or he send someone tell who is he. Man point his finger at someone and run away. Meet run towards the person he pointed finger.

Ram take the table cloth and run away with it inside house. Meet follow him and go inside kitchen catches him and ask who are you tell. Raj turn around and remove cloth, he start acting because he is drunk. Meet says what you were doing here. Raj says I drank too much so my head was spinning and I was feeling sleepy. Ram looking at them from outside kitchen. Raj says so when I was coming in someone throw this cloth at me and pushed me, before I see him he ran away, then I saw this laddu and came here to eat it, whta happen to you, you look in tension. Meet says nothing and he walk away. Meet says this means that person came inside my house, Hawa Singh can go to any extent to complete his work I have to be alert. Ram outside kitchen remember what he said to person with Dhol, he ask him just to scare Meet how dangerous his husband’s life is and when Meet will the chemical coming out of dhol and throwing on Meet Ahlawat that will make her vulnerable.

That person with dhol throw chemical on Meet Ahlawat. Meet ask him what is this. He says it’s colour. Meet says okay then apply on your face and try to do forcefully but it drops on floor, she see it reacting with surface and says it’s chemical, she wake up from her dream and looks at Meet Ahlawat, she hold his hand. Meet Ahlawat in sleep turn and keep his other hand too on her.

Next morning. Meet in her room, wake up Meet Ahlawat and give him tea. Meet Ahlawat apologize for yesterday and says come let’s go it’s time for your jog. Meet says no I don’t want to go. Meet Ahlawat says you have to qualify for you police admission come let’s go. Meet says no I don’t want to go, I don’t want to give any test or become a officer. Meet Ahlawat says I was drunk and you are acting like drunk why are you talking like this. Meet says listen I’m not going they have given the death threat and show him the letter, if I try to take admission they will harm you, I cannot take that risk.

Raj downstairs with everyone ask where are kids. Ram says Isha went to school. Meet and Meet Ahlawat come downstairs and greet everyone. Ram think’s till now you bith have decided not to take police training and he gets call from Hawa Singh. Meet says I need to talk to everyone, I was roaming with police form from yesterday but didn’t know what to write, they asked me about my strength and weakness, after thinking so much I get to know why I was unable to answer that question, my strength, power, etc become weak infront of my fear and this is my weakness then I found out that I get strength from my family and family is the one who love us and take us to right path for which we can do anything and same family is our weakness because we cannot see them in danger and this fear that nothing should happen to my family will make me a good officer and give me strength because some fear help us to be on right trcak and says you all are my strength and weakness and ask I came to know about this I filled my form in two minutes and submitted now in 7 days I have physical exam for which I have to train well. Ram in shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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