Meet 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Ahlawat slaps Masum

MUMBAI: Babita says to Neelu, you asked to make all the arrengements, who did you ask?. Meet Ahlawat walks says I asked to do all the arrengements because she is my new wife and no rituals were done and want to remove all the awkwardness between me and my wife. He calls someone and ask someone to come, they reply we are already here. People with dholl walks in. Babita shouts at Meet Ahlawat says are you in senses, your father is still in hospital and you recently lost your child and people are playing dhol. Meet Ahlawat says because I’m tiered of all the problems, I’m newly married wnat to be happy and enjoy this, he ask to play dhol again. Meet Ahlawat start dancing, he walks to everyone. Barfi says to Neelu come I’ll get you ready for rituals. Meet Ahlawat thinks I’ll live with pain so that you divorce me and make you realise that I have no space left for you in my heart. Meet thinks I know whatever you are doing is to trouble me but I won’t break easily.

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Neelu walks down with Barfi Devi and ask Meet Ahlawat to start the ritual. Meet Ahlawat says ofcourse let’s start. Hoshiyar says to Meet Ahlawat are you sure you want to do everything infront of Meet. Meet Ahlawat says for someone it’s pain and for someone it’s happiness and if someone have problem they can leave and says to Meet you are not allowed to go because you are invited in your ex husband’s rituals just to give you and idea that you don’t exist for me. Meet says have I ever said no to you for anything, I would love to be part of this game because you are still married and whole family knows that I didn’t sign the divorce paper which proves your marriage your wife and mother in law is fake. Meet Ahlawat says it’s your misunderstanding that you believe all the relation are because of papers I love her and where hearts are together people gets together you don’t have to tolerate all this, you can sign divorce papers. Meet says you still believe I’ll be having problem, felt good after knowing, I will feel good to be part of this game let’s see and ask everyone to join to ritual. Meet explain the decoration guy about the game. Meet Ahlawat says you are trying to act strong, I’ll torture you a lot so that you losses all your strength.

Meet explain the first game to Meet Ahlawat says you have to write your wife’s name on this flour. Meet Ahlawat don’t react thinks I don’t know her name. Meet says why are you feeling shy write her name, don’t say you don’t know her name. Meet Ahlawat writes ‘JAAN’ and mocks Meet. Neelu thinks I know very well he changed my name to torture Meet deedee. Meet thinks I know very well how you can hurt me. Meet Ahlawat says this game is old and boring let’s play something else.

Meet Ahlawat says to everyone why are you standing apart come close it will be fun. Nobody comes forward. Meet Ahlawat says I have played this game earlier it’s interesting. Hoshiyar says to Meet why aren’t you saying anything. Meet says this is what he wants, I should get angry and burst out, I also want to see gow much pain he can give me and how much I can handle. Meet Ahlawat and Neelu try to find the ring. Sunaina says whatever’s happening is true or a dream. Tej say’s I wish it was dream. Meet says let’s increase difficulty and she put more rose petals in milk. Neelu thinks he is not even trying to find the ring it’s all hoax to trouble Meet. Meet Ahlawat shouts I found. Organisers applauds for him. Barfi Devi says that’s great this means you won and in your relation Meet Ahlawat will rule. Meet says he will rule only when he has the ring. Barfi ask what do you mean,he said he found the ring. Meet says okay then show me the ring. Barfi says show her ring or else she will ruin the game. Meet says show the ring, how will he show I have the ring. Meet Ahlawat holds Neelu hand says I found the right hand I wanted and ask everyone what happen why are you all looking at me these rituals are done so that newly married don’t hesitate to hold the, you can keep thd ring because I can give her a lot of rings like this, I don’t need it.

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Masum walking towards Ahlawat’s mansion, she on call says what police took Manushi and if she didn’t reach on set then why didn’t you call me, go and find out the solution begin the shoot or else I’ll loose millions, she hungsup and think what Manushi did, she looks at all the arrengements says what is going on in house. Masum walks inside the house. Everyone give her cold look. Masum ask what is going on here why is our house decorated, she looks at Neelu ask who is she, why everyone is quite, tell me please I’m already in stress. Everyone staring at Masum. Masum says why you all look upset and seeing me with anger. Masum walks to Meet Ahlawat ask what happen tell me. Meet Ahlawat slaps Masum

Credit: Telly Udates


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