Meet, 25th January 2022, Written Update : Ravi arrive to take Sunaina

Meet, 25th January 2022, Written Update : Ravi arrive to take Sunaina

MUMBAI: Everyone sitting in hall. Tej come running say stay away. Babita and Meet get up to control Tej. Raj walks to them see Ravi. Ravi says your mad kid don’t remember anything. Babita says talk with respect he is not mad. Meet take Tej with him. Raj ask Ravi what are you doing here. Ravi says I came here to take my wife, where is Sunaina call her, you don’t have right to ask what am I doing here, you have lot of so money so can’t you afford a servant for you son, how can you be so selfish. Meet shouts at Ravi says look at the way you are talking to Raj, he consider Sunaina as her daughter so she can live till she want and afterall she filed for divorce. Ravi says she filed for divorce it’s not done till yet so till that time she is wife. Meet says Tej is still alive so your marriage till now is not valid. Ravi says he only ask us to get married, sorry to say Raj but I cannot see Sunaina as your mad kid servant. Babita says stop calling him mad and talk politely. Ravi says I cannot be quiet and says to Raj firt you made your younger son married forcefully and then made Sunaina married to me but today your trick won’t work. Meet says enough Ravi he is good person and fact is Sunaina don’t want to stay with you and if your try to do things forcefully I’ll vall police I know some law’s, if you cross your limit then I’ll also cross mine. Ravi says for now I’m leaving but this is not overand he leaves. Babita get’s sad says first time in life someone accused Raj and disrespected him he will break.

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Raj in his room remembers what Ravi said to him and put headphones and cry. Meet walks to her says I call you big hearted uncle because you have big heart, you took this step for Sunaina’s happiness, he was in anger that’s why he said so much. Raj says he was true, I think I have become selfish because I always choose wrong decision, just think of your marriage too I did same. Meet says I accept that was difficult time for you but after so much time I feel like this is best for me, I got love and this family because of your decision and got my lost father in you, you loved all daughter in law as your own daughter, when I was with my father I felt like I can do anything but after he was gone in was deviated but after meeting you I felt like I got my father again and from now on I’ll call you father. Babita hear everything. Raj hugs Meet. Meet gets call from Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat congratulate her says you got admission in Chandigarhs college from now on get ready to study and make proud everyone now further details I’ll tell you after reaching home and disconnects phone. Meet says to Raj only your blessings can work this fast I got admitted in Chandigarhs best college. Raj congratulate her.

Anubha in hall say what’s burning and see Manushi bringing all her clothes and lighting them to fire. Anubha ask what are you doing. Manushi says I’m burning my past because it was wrong from now I’ll start my new life with good teachings. Ram Lakhan walks in with vegetables. Anubha ask what is this. They say its household stuff Manushi ask us to bring. Manushi says do you get everything, now keep it here and they leave. Manushi says I brought medicine for Dadi, I could have given her but she is angry on me so please give her. Anubha in shock says what happen to her I can see Meet in her is that she changed, I think she want to bring her life on track and pray to God.

Ragini with Babita in hall. Meet walking by, Ragini calls her says tell what you want for your tiffin I’ll cook it, it will be your first day. Meet says give me anything. Meet Ahlawat and Raj walks in. Raj says tomorrow is her first day if college so I brought a surprise for her and ask her to close eyes and give her pen. Masum walks to them says to Raj this is your first pen which you bought from your first salary, so why are you giving her you didn’t give this any of us. Raj says to Meet Masum is right I never give to any three of them because they were fond of gadgets so I gave them what they want and I think you are like me so thought to give you something which is close to me. Meet says this is one of the best gift of my life so I’ll use it on something special occasion. Duggu walks to Meet says now you are student Mami so here’s bag for you. Meet thanks him.

Same night Meet in her room standing on bed. Meet Ahlawat see her shadow get’s scared and start shouting. Meet also shouts with him and ask why are you shouting. Meet Ahlawat says I got scared of shadow what you were doing. Meet says I was doing yoga. He says you know how much I get scared in night and there is time to do things. Meet says I was not feeling sleepy so was trying to get sleep because I’m excited for tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat says I was also excited and was not able to sleep but then I went to college and slept on first bench. Meet ask then what happen. He says then he punished me and ask me to stand outside. She makes fun of him. He says now lie down I’ll help you to fall asleep, he switch off light and play music on his phone, close her eyes and taps on her head while singing for her and fall asleep after sometime. Meet wakes up close his mouth and says you are the best gift to me from God.

Next morning everyone in hall. Ragini give Meet sweet curd to eat as blessings. Meet Ahlawat standing nearby eat sweet curd. Ragini says to Meet he loves this since childhood. Isha walks to Meet say come with me I have packed you bag with everything if you need anything tell me. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet today is your first day of college so I’ll go and drop you. Meet says why should I make memories with you, I’ll not go with youm meet Ahlawat says I know you are self-sufficient enough but still I’ll go to drop you. Meet says but I don’t want to go with you. Meet Ahlawat ask then with who you will go. Meet says I don’t have to tell everything to you and he is more special then you. Meet Ahlawat says okay go I don’t care at all. Meet start teasing him and start making fun of her and says go. Meet say listen to me and they both start fighting. Meet hold her ears and try to do sit-ups. Meet Ahlawat says don’t so this I don’t like you can go with whoever you want to go. Isha says so cute. Meet Ahlawat ask her so tell with whoem you are going. Meet says when I was kid in went with my father so today also I want to go with my father and looks at Raj.

Raj drops Meet at college gate says from here you have to follow your journey alone. Meet gets a message saying people will kill me please help me Meet ustaad.

Anubha see Meet sitting in auto with stick.

Ravi gets in Ahlawat’s mansion injured. Raj ask him who did this with you. Ravi says call police and tell Meet Huddah did this to me.

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