Meet 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Hooda gets into a big trouble

MUMBAI: Meet tells Neelam that she that the medical waste has been delivered and she will go and check it, now Meet Alhawat will be cured soon, and it’s a good opportunity to defeat Laila. Meet leaves.

Meet goes outside the room and meets Ishani, Meet asks her if she got any parcel of her name? Ishani says, yes and tells her that she also checked it and found waste inside it, so she threw it away. Meet shouts at her and tells her that she should have asked her before. Ishani says that she didn’t knew that it belonged to her. Meet asks her, where did she threw it away. Ishani says that she dumped it inside the dustbin if municipality. Neelam listens to them.

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Meet goes outside to check the dustbin and thinks that whatever will happen here, will be recorded in the camera. Meet prays that Neelam should come here. Meet is checking all the dustbins and piles of garbage. Meet thinks, why isn’t Neelam here yet? Meet decides to go inside the dustbin and wait for Neelam.

Ram goes inside Ishani’s room and asks her if she wants to the temple with family. She denies and tells him that she got other plans with Meet. Raj turns back to leave, but apologises her and tries to ask her father’s name. Ishani asks him to leave.

Meet covers her face and goes inside a dustbin and waits for Neelam. Meet gets flashbacks about she and Ishani planning to catch Neelam. Meet is sitting inside a dustbin and Neelam shuts the lid and locks it. Meets gets scared and starts knocking on the lid and starts shouting “who’s outside!”.

Neelam places two concrete blocks on the lid of dustbin. Meet tries to push to lid open, but fails. Neelam is enjoying and says that everyone thinks that Laila takes over whenever she sees Meet and Meet Alhawat together, that’s her trigger point. But nobody know that Laila is so strong that Laila can takeover Neelam whenever she wants. Neelam picks kerosene can and pours it on the dustbin. Meet sees her in her watch through security cameras. Neelam says that Laila and Neelam are one person, and nobody can get when it’s Neelam or Laila. Neelam lights a matchstick and throws it on the garbage dump and it all ignites. Meet is shouting from inside. Neelam says that she is Laila, who has no mercy for anybody. Meet is suffocating inside. Neelam says that Meet will never know the truth behind her split personality.

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Ishani is rushes shows up and calls Meet. Meet shouts from the dustbin. Ishani starts calling for help. Neelam shows up from behind and hits Ishani with a wooden baton and Ishani faints. Meet sees Neelam in her watch. Laila says that she doesn’t like if somebody tries to get in between. Meet shouts Meet Alhawat’s name. Meet Alhawat was sleeping and listens to her call. Meet Alhawat struggle’s to get up from the bed. Neelam is laughing at Meet, gives her a last goodbye, and says that she’s leaving so can she can act like Neelam again. Meet is still suffocating inside. Meet Alhawat shows up and starts shouting her name. Meet tells Meet Alhawat that she’s inside the dustbin and tries to open it. Meet Alhawat also faints by the smoke coming from that flames. Meet gets even more scared.

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