Meet 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet send Neelam to Mental Asylum

Meet 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet send Neelam to Mental Asylum

MUMBAI : Meet Ahlawat at stairs. Neelam hiding and seeing Meet Ahlawat to check his condition. Meet remembers Masum asks her what Meet Ahlawat has to do. Meet says she has to see Meet Ahlawat doing all things he used to do when his vision was alright.
Babita oray to god for Meet Ahlawat doing his act. Raj says come here sit with us and have breakfast. Meet Ahlawat remembers his training and start walking downstairs. Neelam in shock says this is not possible. Ragini mistakenly drops apple in his path. Meet cough loudly and he stops walking. Everyone nervous. Meet Ahlawat remember asking Meet what if something comes in his path. Meet says don’t worry I’ll signal you and you will stop walking. Meet Ahlawat ask Sunaina to give water and he walks to Babita. Meet Ahlawat complaint about Meet for jot taking care of herself and says he will celebrate tomorrow alone. Meet sit beside him and hold his hand.

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Meet says I’ll feed you today. Neelam looking at there act. Everyone start having breakfast. Neelam brings ball think they are trying to make me fool, I’ll check if his vision is back or not. Neelam throw ball towards Meet Ahlawat and he catches it. Everyone in shock after seein that. Meet cheers everyone mood. Raj ask who threw the ball. Neelam hide behind column. Meet ask him how did you catch the ball. Meet Ahlawat says you know how talented and best wicket keeper I’m so these were my instinct which helped me. Neelam thinks this means Meet was right his vision is coming back.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in room together. Meet says you know Neelam was shouting and breaking things after going from here, she waa angry who you could get better. He aays there is a reason why everyone calls you Meet Ustaad. Meet says how wierd situation we are waiting for, other wait for good time and we are waiting for Neelam to come and give you injection. Meet Ahlawat says I’m scared for you what is things go out of hand before we know everything because my body part is getting shut day by day. Meet shush him says I believe in our love, no body can take you from me, I’ll kill them if they try it.

Meet walks in Neelam room with nurse. She ask where are you taking me. Meet says did you forget they come to take you mental asylum. Nurse take her away.

Meet Ahlawat sitting in hall. Babita come and wish him marriage anniversary. Meet Ahlawat fall back on sofa.
Nurse taking away Neelam with them. Neelam see all the arrengements for anniversary, she says they are making arrengements for anniversary. Meet says yes and today we will get married again. Neelam wish the anniversary and says it’s good I’m leaving today. Meet thinks I thought she will get angry throw tantrums and try to kill Meet Ahlawat, if she will walk out so easy then how I’ll get antibodie.
Babita get’s scared and calls Raj for help. Meet Ahlawat not moving at all.
Neelam tuen and walks to Meet says I’m leaving and don’t know when I’ll come back I just want to apologise to Meet Ahlawat please consider this my last wish and let me meet him. Neelam walks toward the gate.
Everyone surrounds Meet Ahlawat to check on him, they rubbing his body. Neelam about to open door. Meet says wait, sh walks to her says unknowingly you hurt everyone so that’s why they donywant to see your face so if you go and meet them then everyone scold you even Meet Ahlawat too. Neelam thinks I know you won’t let me meet him, I’ll see how two will get married again. Neelam says you are right I’ll leave without meeting him and she go sit inside ambulance. Meet thinks I know you will come back with injection. Babita shouts Meet. Meet get scared she rush to him says have strength we will win soon don’t worry. Ram ask doctor to reach Ahlawat mansion soon.

Everyone in Meet Ahlawat’s room. Doctor give him injection. Babita ask will my son will be fine. Doctor says I have given him injection to control fits but I can’t give you false hope, he is in critical condition, if in next few hours we don’t give him antidote then he will die. Babita gets scared and ask him to try again. Raj ask is there any medicine which can help to give us more time. Doctor give them prescription and leave. Meet talks to Meet Ahlawat and says I won’t let anything happen to you in remaining two hours I’ll bring antidote for you, she says to everyone you have to support me it’s our last part of act. Babita says how can we help you look at his condition. Meet says I can see that’s why I’m requesting everyone, we have to do it for Meet Ahlawat I know she will surely come in function and ww will do anything in mext 2 hours to save our Meet Ahlawat, today is our anniversary and I’m asking you this act as my gift, I know it will be hard to smile in such condition but we have to be strong and do it for Meet Ahlawat so he can live again, are you all with me and she forward her hand. Everyone join hands with Meet.

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