Meet 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Neelam tries to commit suicide

MUMBAI : Meet tells Meet Ahlawat’s investors, he has everything double just like his wife’s and my name is Meet. Investor says you have two wifes. Meet says but you not need to worry about us we live happily. Meet Ahlawat says she just like to prank with new people. Investor ask which one is your wife from these two. Meet Ahlawat says my wife is Mrs. Meet Ahlawat and points toward Meet. Neelu feels bad.

Masum looking at oily Paratha says to Ammaji how can you think I can eat this rather I will stay hungry. Amma says you cannot live here for free come and help me in chores. Hoshiyar says don’t worry she will do. Ammaji give her broom says go and deep clean my small house. Hoshiyar laughing and says do it afterall they are not charging us to live here, go help.
Masum cleaning house. Hoshiyar walks to her says I’m going on my job, work properly. Masum says I need a proper job because of Manushi bein in jail my work is stuck and I need some decent job. Hoshiyar says give me some time I’ll find something suitable for you. Masum says I know what job is suitable for me but for that we need to plan something. Hoshiyar ask what kind of job. Masum says I need job in dad’s company and I have already worked there. Hoshiyar says after what you did, you still believe your family will give you job there. Masum says if you will talk to Meet Ahlawat he may. Hoshiyar says forget it I’ll never talk to him, I’m going for my job.

Neelu walks in Meet’s room she throws all of her clothes from cupboard.

Meet Ahlawat with Meet in room scolds her says you embarrassed me so much. Meet says really you were feeling embarrassed but you made the rules for 4 days and 3 days, when you have no problem in rule then let them think, you have two wifes. Meet Ahlawat says this is between we three no need to tell everyone. Meet says hurting me and Neelu’s self respect is not a problem for you but your self respect should not be hurt.

Neelam burns all Meet’s clothes and tear Meet and Meet Ahlawat photos.

Meet says I know whatever you are doing is to hurt me so that I give you divorce, how many time I have told you I love you a lot that’s why I know about you very well, I won’t divorce you and clear out all things before Dad come back to home and stop playing to Neelam’s feeling, talk to her and ask her to leave because is something bad happen to her you will be the culprit.

Neelam in corridor with kerosene.

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Meet Ahlawat walks out of room. Neelu standing at door she locks Meet inside. Meet try to open door and shouts who is outside. Meet see liquid coming inside room, she smells it says kerosene. Meet walks toward window, she see Neelam pouring kerosene at herself. Meet shouting and asking her to stop. Meet break the window and ask het to stop. Neelam trying to light matchstick. Meet breaks the door with stand and stops Neelu from burning herself. Meet slaps her and says what are you doing are you mad. Neelu push her says if I’ll stay alive then will become mad, why did you save me all problems would have solved. Meet says running away won’t help, you have to fight with you problems and learn to deal with them, what about people who will be left behind after you are gone, your mother your Deep, they will curse themself for whole life, you want to leave them in trouble, you have to face everything or else says you are weak. Neelu says I don’t have strength to fight because I’m not like you and I don’t have anyone to share my pain and you won’t feel my pain because I don’t have solution for every problem but you have. Meet says did I ask you to marry Mest Ahlawat, it was your decision it’s a big mistake. Neelu says I got married because I was asked to marry, my condition was not to take any decision, I got married to Meet Ahlawat now what, whatever happened I cant change I’m not aware about my present what I’ll think for tomorrow that’s why I decided to finish myself. Meet thinks Neelam is caught badly between me and Meet Ahlawat. 

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