Meet: Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet : Big Twist! Meet learns about Abhay’s truth

MUMBAI: Meet Ahlawat meeting the judge. Judge grants bail for Raj and he gets happy. Judge says she thought about the matter and took this decision that Raj should get the bail. Meet gets overjoyed and thanks her.

He comes out and informs Babita that Raj is coming home. Meet overhears that and gets happy. She then calls Sharmaji and says his assistant trapped Raj by making fake report of the video but now it’s proved that the video is edited.

So his assistant informed it to Abhay for sure. Her plan is also ready. Meet tells her informer to reach near Abhay’s location with Tej.

Meet starts her drama on road when Abhay’s car arrives. Meet asks a car driver to take Tej to hospital immediately as he fell unconscious.

Meet acts like talking to Meet Ahlawat and says that Tej might tell the truth after gaining consciousness as he was behaving like he got back his memories before fainting. Abhay hears that and Meet acts like she didn’t see him.

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Meet Ahlawat calls Tej and Meet doesnt receive that. He sends him a text that Raj got bail and Meet texts him back on Tej’s behalf that he should take Raj home. Meet says she can understand that her husband is really excited to share the news with his brother.

Meet Ahlawat reaches home with Raj and business association members come there. They take back the post of President from Raj as murder charges are against him. They regret their decision and Meet Ahlawat takes stand for his father that the Association members should have supported Raj as they had faith in him earlier.

Instead of supporting him and helping him they believed Raj is a killer. That’s not fair. Until he is proven guilty noone should accuse him. Babita and everyone hugs Raj. Raj looks for Meet and Hosiyar says noone is interested to talk to her and Meet Ahlawat threw her out for her act.

Meet asks her informer in the hospital if everything is set or not. Meet checks that Abhay is also coming to the hospital and her doubt was right. She says today she will catch him red handed and will prove that Raj is innocent.

Abhay surely has a secret as he can’t hide something to save Ram. Babita tells Raj that Meet Ahlawat gave condition to Meet to stay in the house but still she selfishly denied to quit her job. If she doesn’t care for them, why would they care? Raj gets disappointed and asks Meet how can he treat his wife in such a way. He tells everyone to stay away from him.

Abhay enters hospital and asks for Tej’s room and Meet sees him. He doesn’t get inside the room where Meet is but changes his clothes and transforms into a wardboy. He informs Shanty that today he will kill Tej as he is the only person who saw him when he shot Ashok. A doctor stops Abhay for some urgent work and the latter controls his anger.

Seeing him Meet comes out of the hospital room and acts like talking to the doctor. Abhay gets inside saying today is the lucky day for him. He confesses his crime that how he shot Ashok and saw Tej. He hired men to kill Tej but Tej lost his memories after getting injured.

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Abhay then tries to choke the lying person with pillow but Meet wakes up. Meet kicks him and ties his hand with rope. She thrashes him after hearing his confession. She says she was waiting for him to come but he thought it’s Tej. She says Abhay not only destroyed Tej’s life but killed her father too

She will unmask him in front of everyone and get him arrested. Abhay gets shocked hearing all of that.

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