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MUMBAI : The episode starts with Meet telling her husband that knitting button is very easy. He says she can fix broken things easily but it’s not easy for him. She says if he can’t handle knitting then he can staple his shirt while the button will get broken. She gives him the stapler and leaves. She says she was controlling herself from showing her emotions to Meet Ahlawat but he was looking really upset. Raj was right about him but she has to continue her drama. Babita comes to Meet’s room and shows her an album of her college days. Meet feels delighted and Babita shares about her first trip plan with Meet. She says she was really excited for the trip but it got cancelled as her friends fell sick. Babita adds today she is excited in the same way as Meet is leaving the house finally. She says finally she can bring her daughter in law of her own choice. She asks Meet to not mind. Meet gets worried thinking her plan can backfire and she might lose other members while teaching a lesson to Meet Ahlawat. She wants everyone’s love not just her husband’s.

Ram and Lakhan discuss about cooking competition in their school. They tell this to Tej and the latter says he can’t cook. He tells Ragini to help Ram Lakhan in cooking. Ragini says she is busy with Isha nowadays so she can’t. Tej thinks what to do and Ram Lakhan suggest Sunaina’s name saying she is really a good cook and noone can assist them better than her else they will lose the competition and friends will tease them. Tej says he will talk to Sunaina. Ram and Lakhan get happy thinking their plan of uniting Tej and Sunaina is working. Meet tells her husband to learn how to make tea, she asks him to be friend of Ram and Lakhan. She also tells him to console Tej and Isha as they will miss her after she will leave the house. She says Meet Ahlawat will water the plants in her absence, though he doesn’t care about her presence but others will miss her. Meet Ahlawat thinks she cares for everyone except him.

Abhay acts like crying in front of lying Shanty in the hospital. He tells in front of the media that he wants his son to leave drug addiction. He will try his best. Reporters cheer for him and Shanty asks Abhay how can he use his son for politics. Abhay says he doesn’t want to lose the election, Meet already ruined his image so he is doing drama. He promises Shanty to free him soon.
by Taboola

Shanty screams out of frustration and curses Meet. Raj talks to Meet in the kitchen and the latter says they should end this drama as Meet Ahlawat is really sad. Raj tells her to not get emotional over these things. Meet Ahlawat has to admit that he loves her till then they won’t stop their drama. Meet gets convinced finally. Raj gathers family members and says some guests will arrive soon they should start arrangements for their welcome. They ask him who are the guests? He replies groom’s family will come. Meet Ahlawat and Babita assume that it’s for Isha. Meet Ahlawat says Isha won’t be ready for the marriage this soon as she is still disturbed. Raj says its for Meet’s marriage not for Isha.

Meet Ahlawat gets shocked and Raj explains that Meet is his daughter and she will leave the house in doli only. Meet smiles and looks at Meet Ahlawat’s expressions. Babita suddenly supports Raj and the latter thanks her. Meet Ahlawat thinks how can his parents support this decision. He imagines how Meet giving tea to a guy and he offering her rose. He screams no. Tej says before divorce they should not talk about Meet’s marriage. Raj says its not a big deal, Meet Ahlawat supports Tej and Raj says his decision won’t change even if Meet gets married for the second time. So why does he care? Raj asks Meet Ahlawat if he can change his mind. Meet also asks him the same.

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