Meet in a major dilemma, who will she choose?


MUMBAI : The episode starts with Meet telling Abhay that he has to confess his crime during the press conference and if he refuses then she will expose his truth by showing the video proof to the media. She beats him and says he has no choice but proving Raj innocent and confessing his own crime. Abhay agrees and nods yes. He pleads Meet not to give the video proof to the media. Babita brings kheer for Raj and tries to feed him but he says he won’t eat anything as he is upset with his family’s behaviour towards Meet.

Raj says he wants to stay alone for some time. Babita says her son loves Meet but the way she broke his trust and got Raj arrested it shattered Meet Ahlawat. Raj says he can’t make Babita understand as still she couldn’t understand Meet properly. He tells Babita to leave. Babita shares her worries with her son that Raj is not having food it will affect his health. Why can’t he see Meet’s true colors. Meet Ahlawat replies Raj is disturbed due to many things and specially because of the rude behaviour of those association members. They should give time to Raj and everything will be fine.

Meet brings Abhay to the press conference and she threatens him to reveal the truth there else she will not spare him. Abhay says to the press that he wants to talk about Ashok Hooda murder case. He says Raj is innocent and the video was fake. Reporters ask him then who is the murderer. Meet Ahlawat goes to Raj’s room but the latter looks disinterested to talk to him.

Meet Ahlawat says why he feels his son is wrong. Raj says I know you love me but you should understand Meet too. Raj says how Meet took care of him in the lock up and fed him homemade food. She gave him medicines on time and made sure he eats well. Raj says he is sure Meet only did something due to which Judge agreed to give him bail else all proofs were against him, Meet Ahlawat tells that Meet used his feelings to get the pendrive and for that he wont forgive her. He is sorry for that. Raj says I hope one day you will trust Meet fully. Meet Ahlawat leaves.

Meet gets Isha’s call and she sees that Shanty is trying to burn Isha alive and pouring kerosene on her. He says if Abhay gets arrested today then he will kill Isha too. He threatens Meet to not expose his father else she will lose Isha forever. Meet feels helpless and she stops him from not torturing Isha. Isha screams in fear. Shanty lights the matches. Later Meet stops Abhay from confessing the crime that he killed Ashok. She tells the media that her investigation was wrong and she gained nothing. She learned that her father sacrificed his life for nation and it was not a murder. He was martyr.

Abhay then tells the reporters to leave. He mocks Meet saying today he is proud that his son saved him. He says Raj got clean chit so Meet should be happy. Meet says but she wants Shanty to divorce Isha. Abhay says but before that she has to delete the video proof against him in order to save Isha. Meet agrees and leaves in anger. Meet goes to her room and cries seeing her father’s photo. She says she took vow to serve him justice and to punish his killer. But she failed today. She couldn’t let Isha die, she was really helpless. She apologises to him.

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