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MUMBAI: The episode starts with a panicked Gauravi informing that Anuj is arrested to family and she asks Aniket to talk with his...Read More

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MUMBAI: At police station Police says these days people will do these type of things to expand their business. Anuj says this...Read More

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MUMBAI: The romantic saga Baarish, which is a love story between Gauravi and Anuj showcased some interesting development in the...Read More

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MUMBAI: He episode last night showcased how 
Anuj brings mother home and feeds her breakfast. Mother asks him to stop...Read More

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MUMBAI: Gauravi wishes goodnight to Asmi. Asmi asks if she is sleepy so early. Gauravi asks if she wants to gossip or write...Read More

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MUMBAI: Anuj doesn’t speak to Gauravi when she walks to him and sleeps on his side of bed. She tries to close window. He gets up...Read More

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MUMBAI: Anuj praises her saying Angel who came to teach English. Rishi says he saw property for his hotel work and want to open...Read More

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MUMBAI: In the morning, Anuj reads English newspaper and tries to spell words. 

Gauravi still asleep corrects him. He...Read More