Kehne ko humsafar hai

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MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Naira saying sorry. Read More

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MUMBAI: It was morning. Rohit was at Guri’s place. Guri brings him tea and says he knew this would happen. Jassi takes children...Read More

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MUMBAI: Ana comes home. Bani asks about Rohit. Ananya replies, she doesn’t know. Bani says he was with her, but Ananya replies...Read More

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with how Ananya is angry at Rohit for not telling her about his financial crisis since many days....Read More

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with Ananya and Poonam’s conversation in Ana’s office. Ananya tells Poonam that one must not live...Read More

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with Ana in office. She gets a call from Harry. He asks when she is coming to meet her best buddy. Ana...Read More

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with how Rohit lay outdoor on the couch, silently. He wonders if he must be angry, annoyed and...Read More

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MUMBAI: Sheena was excited to hear from Poonam about her declaration and coffee with Abhi. She says she has been there with...Read More

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MUMBAI: Rohit celebrates his birthday and Bani thanks everyone for coming to the party.

Rohit opens the champagne bottle and...Read More

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MUMBAI: While Ana and Rohit try starting a new life, Poonam is also trying to find a new direction.

Abhimanyu asks Poonam...Read More

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MUMBAI: The episode starts with Ana and girls leave yoga classes in the morning, where Ana was extremely irritated. She tells the...Read More

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MUMBAI: The episode of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai starts with Avi advising Cherry not to ask Ana anything.

On the other hand,...Read More

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MUMBAI: Ananya and Rohit sit in the beach and are watching clouds. They spend quality time together and roam around. Meanwhile in...Read More

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MUMBAI: Ananya goes to Qatar away from Rohit and thinks about him.Rohit asks Cherry about her and she tells him that she and Vandy...Read More

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MUMBAI: Cherry was crying in the room. She gets a call from Avi. Avi tells her not to send anymore cakes, as Ana isn’t even...Read More

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MUMBAI: Rohit plans to marry Ananya.

There on the venue, Poonam and others wait for Aarya’s family. Poonam looks for...Read More