“None of the three deserves to be a Roadie.” Ankita Sehgal

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A Delhiite Ankita Sehgal was one of the contestants of MTV Roadies 5, the adventure reality show. Though she was eliminated on February she returned to the show in April. But she was finally eliminated on May 10. Unfortunately Ankita was not liked by her co-contestants and was treated like an outsider, Ankita did manage togather enough interest for the audiences due to her aggressive and forthright behaviour.

Tellychakkar met up with the recently eliminated Ankita to know about her experiences on the show and much more.

What was you experience in Roadies 5?

Well it was a great journey for me. I didn’t really expect that I would do something so weird in my life. It has given me confidence and I’m happy that I was part of MTV Roadies 5.

Which was the most difficult task in the show?

I think the one where we all had to eat the worms. I could not believe that I can eat or will eat such bizzare food even for money. It was difficult to gulp all those worms but somehow I managed. Lastly when it came to eating snakes with all the skin and bones everybody gave up. I was looking at their faces and when I saw that nobody was going ahead I too gave up.

Tell us about Sonel. She was your friend so why didn’t you receive support from her?

It was only towards the end when amongst the girls only Sonel and I were left. I got immunity so I made Sonel my friend as I don’t gel well with both Ashu and Nihal. There was nothing as concrete friendship but just that she was much better than the other two.

Basically Sonel cannot become anybody’s friend; she was not a friend to Prabhjot too. Sonel always thought that I’m an outsider and she even said that if possible she would like to throw me out of the show.

What about Prabhjot?

She was never my friend. The only reason for her being with me was she wanted to break the chain of Sonel, Ashu and Nihal and thus she tried to use me. While leaving the show all of us had seen how Probhjot behaved with me. I know one thing that on this show nobody is a friend. It’s a game and only one can be the winner.

You performed well in the given task but still you were eliminated?

Obliviously, as I told you I was an outsider for all three of them. It was all politics and nothing else. They could have easily performed but they didn’t. The Trios (Sonel, Ashu, Nihal) were aware that even if they don’t perform well they’ll save each other and throw me out and they did. I was big competition for them and now when I’m out they are happy.

Who do you think will win Roadies 5?

To be frank enough nobody from them is eligible to win the Roadies. If it is all about being a politician then definitely Ashu is the winner. He is into big time politics with Sonel and Nihal. He has trapped Sonel in an emotional drama and Nihal is like his mouthpiece. These two act weird but the master mind behind Sonel and Nihal is Ashu. I remember Ashu, Sonel and Nihal coming to me and asking who I’d vote out that evening. These three are best buddies but now I want to see who’s next in the elimination.

If given chance to go back who will you eliminate?

Taking out any one person will not help as it won’t make any difference but yes I would like them to know who a true Roadie is.

What’s your next plan of action?

Well till now I haven’t got any TV offers. I’m looking out for ramp modelling or still photography modelling.

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