Sports Nutrition: Fueling Your Body for Optimal Performance

MUMBAI: Play a sport casually or train to be the next sports champion? Then sports nutrition will play a huge role in fuelling your body for optimal performance. Many factors contribute to being the fuel behind the energy that drives your body’s performance. Hydration, diet, and nutrition are some of them. But sports nutrition is a whole different ballgame. There is an entire diverse and professional science behind it, some people have personal trainers and sports nutrition experts, and a few athletes even have an entire team of sports nutritionists, sports and body data analysts and different tools, apps, algorithms and companion experiences that help them track, train and sustain their entire game.

Sports nutrition helps your body prepare for the onslaught of strenuous exercise, loss of calories, lets you train harder, longer, maintain immunity, delay onset of muscle fatigue, enhance your performance on the field and improve your recovery as much as scientifically possible.
In today’s blog, we’ll talk about various things related to sports nutrition and how it is important to fuel your body for optimal performance. To begin with, let’s explore the three principles of sports nutrition.

What are the three principles of sports nutrition?
Sports nutrition has three primary principles that keep its fundamentals in place and they’re as follows.

Fuelling You Up- Just like a vehicle or gadget needs fuel, juice, or energy for a battery so does your body and the concept of fuelling involves providing the body with good and nutritious nutrients, food, and energy to enhance your stamina, provide adequate strength, and a lot of clarity.

Hello Hydration

Water forms a larger part of our body and staying hydrated is the key to many things and staying on top of the world as a sports champion in your game. Water helps prevent dehydration, and various forms of fatigue and optimises the performance of your key muscles.

Faster Recoveries

The ability to recover scientifically, comfortably and faster is very important in sports nutrition and with the right recovery processes, nutrition, hydration and post-performance stretching and exercise is very important and crucial for any sportsperson.

What is important to sports nutrition?
Using the correct and accurate nutrients and macronutrients, diet and the right food families, prioritising and understanding fundamental and individual sports people’s needs, understanding the role of food, performance, hydration, and recovery are just some of the important aspects of sports nutrition.

Other important aspects:
• Customised plans
• Proportion or portion of food, nutrients and supplements
• A wholesome diet plan
• Avoiding diet fads
• Calculating and following the numbers related to daily fitness, training and having someone or some tool or advanced tools that calculate energy expended and energy regained
• Having a professional sports nutritionist
• Understanding protein intake
• Regulating intake of things like caffeine and other ingredients in your diet
• Training with certified sports and recovery experts
• Understanding your sports journey – casual sport player, regular sportsperson, gym-goer or advanced super-athlete

What are the five rules for eating right for sports?
It’s important to know your body and food intake when you play a sport. And, all the more critical to know the five rules for eating right while playing a sport. Some call them tips, other’s refer to them as fundamentals but most sports people know them as the Golden rules of eating right while playing a sport. And, these are as follows:
• Never workout on an empty stomach or without any food. Always talk to a sports nutritionist for complete details before starting or planning your workout regime, schedule and daily, weekly or monthly routine.
• Don’t skip breakfast. Breakfast is the Golden meal of the day and considered the same by many experts for years and it gives you the energy you require and the nutrition you desire to kickstart your workout and day.
• Talk to your dedicated, professional and certified sports nutritionist and see what two-three meals you require before or after any sports activity to keep you energized and hydrated.
• Skipping recovery meals is never a good idea. Take help from the right experts in your corner on what this meal could or should be.
• Get nutrient rich meals before bedtime or recovery or rest time. What could these meals be? It completely depends on your body’s needs, your fitness regime and the recommendations by your food, sports and physical training experts.

One platform and app you can explore is FITFEAST by FITPASS and once you start using it, you’ll discover how it can help you realize all your personal health goals with many innovative, purposeful and meaningful features.


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