Jhanak SPOILER: WHAT! Tejas threatens Anirudh, Jhanak calls off the wedding after seeing him as groom

Jhanak’s marriage rituals began. As she was about to fall, Anirudh moved ahead to hold her but mistakenly she put a garland on Anirudh instead of the groom.

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ latest show, 'Jhanak', features Hiba Nawab in the titular role of Jhanak, Krushal Ahuja as Anirudh, and Chandani Sharma as Arshi. This enthralling series promises to captivate audiences with its intense storyline. The viewers are drawn into the gripping narrative, ensuring an exhilarating and unforgettable viewing experience. The compelling twist in the storyline promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, captivated by the unfolding drama and eager to see how these pivotal moments will shape the characters' fates. The current track concentrates on the clash between Anirudh and Jhanak.

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Earlier, Jhanak’s marriage rituals began. As she was about to fall, Anirudh moved ahead to hold her but mistakenly she put a garland on Anirudh instead of the groom. Everyone was stunned by it and as the ritual began Jhanak got suspicious about the groom as Tejas.

She kept the condition that she had followed everything that everyone had told her but now they have to listen to her. She kept the condition that she wouldn't marry until she saw the face of the groom and got up from the mandap.

Now, Anirudh asks Avinash if he can not show his face to everyone then he can show it to Jhanak at least. She gets more suspicious about it and she grabs sehra from the groom and pulls off. She and everyone are stunned to see Tejas instead of Avinash. She tells them that she is doubtful that she is getting cheated.

Shrishti asks Tejas to fill Jhanak’s forehead with sindoor. Anirudh intervenes as Arshi and Tanuja hold Jhanak, and Tejas tries forcefully to put Sindoor on her forehead.  and tells them to consider her first marriage as well if this is the case. As Anirudh asks Tejas to leave, he threatens him that it will be very problematic for you. Shubh intervenes, reminding him that he is threatening him by standing in his home.

Tejas creates a scene saying Anirudh finally admits his marriage to Jhanak and nobody knows about what happened between them after marriage. As Anirudh asks Choton to call the police, Tejas tells him that he will not take his wife with him as he does not like used stuff at all.

Arshi burst into tears after hearing Tejas’s words and Anirudh asked him to shut his mouth. Tejas threatens Anirudh that he will visit the village once at least then he will greet him very well. 

Will Jhanak get married to Tejas?

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