Gunaah: Zayn Ibad Khan reveals his preparation for his character; ‘I took a high-calorie meal once a week’

On his dietary preparations, Zayn said, “Yes, specifically for 'Gunaah', what I did was that I took a high-calorie meal once a week. But since we were preparing for the jail sequence and the fight sequence and our makers put that scene on the last day of the schedule

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Gunaah: Bhagya Bhanushali opens up on his experience shooting with Gashmeer Mahajani; says, ‘Was not only shooting but learning each day’ - EXCLUSIVE

Directed by Anil Senior and Anirudh Pathak being the showrunner, the series is set in a world where betrayal and mystery collide. Gunaah will take the viewers on a journey of a man whose existence is shrouded in secrecy.

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