Sanjeeda Shaikh opens up about how she fell deep for the scars of her character ‘Waheeda’ in SLB's 'Heeramandi'

Since its May 1, 2024, premiere on the massive OTT platform Netflix, the series has gained popularity. The show is based on actual events and tells the story of the tawaifs who lived in Lahore's "Heera Mandi," a red-light area, during the country's independence movements from the British Raj.

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Sunflower 2: Sunil Grover desired to portray Adah Sharma's character Rosie in the series

Sunil Grover spoke about his role in the series and shared a surprising revelation in a candid conversation with the popular news portal, saying, “If I knew about Rosie’s character before, I would have played that role instead of Sonu, because I find Rosie’s character very interesting.”

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