Demonetization impact: This is how TV actors are handling cash crunch

Demonetization and how TV actors are dealing with it…
Demonetization impact: This is how TV actors are handling cash crunch

With the first week of December around, it’s time for TV folks to give salaries to their staff including the makeup man, the maid and driver. Given that a lot of people are facing issues with liquidity, let’s look at how TV celebs are handling this situation… 

Divyanka Tripathi

I'm giving my staff certain essential amount in cash for their petty expenses. For the rest of the amount, I'm making in-account transfers. My house help might prefer cash, but I'll coax her into opening an account, because it's a must for everyone in today's times. People are more or less prepared for the change. When everyone can roam around with a mobile phone in their hand, why can’t they get a debit card? It's a big financial shift and people will crib in the beginning, but it's for our betterment. When we wonder how people in the West are so advanced, we should know that is how development starts. Looking at our population, no revolution is easy! Hats off to our Prime Minister. Which Indian leader has made so many efforts till now? They are only worried about the vote bank, and hence they stay miles away from such harsh yet effective measures.

Vivian Dsena

I pay by auto transfer mostly to my maid and the make-up guy, etc., as their money is fixed. I am totally sorted in these matters. Every person has a bank account so it simplifies transactions. I am very particular about paying money on time to my staff.

Jasmin Bhasin

 I am paying my staff in cheques because they too understand the problem of demonetisation as standing in bank queues consumes a lot of time. Fortunately, my staff has bank accounts and they are okay with it.

Navina Bole

I have paid every staff member in cash even if it is meant going out of my way and being cash deprived myself. Because, we can still make do with other forms of payment but these guys mostly transact with cash. So have ensured they are paid their dues in cash even if it means living in the bank, standing in the queue.

Aishwarya Sakhuja

I will be paying the make-up and hair people by cheque since they are above a certain bracket, something that I have always been doing. I have collected cash to pay my maids as expecting them to stand in bank queues for meager amount after working the whole day won't be fair. Also, my maids don't have a bank account and expecting them to open one on a short notice would be too much.

I paid my driver by transferring money into his bank account. Fortunately, my staff is extremely understanding about this cash-strapped situation.

Kinshuk Mahajan

I am paying my staff by cheque because even they understand that it's difficult to get cash. I am paying any amount less than Rs 10,000 in cash because they need cash for basic necessities and it would be difficult for them to go to the bank and wait in queues.

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