Go out and vote: Appeal TV celebs (#Voteforchange feature 2)

Go out and vote: Appeal TV celebs (#Voteforchange feature 2)
In continuation of our yesterday’s piece where television actors appealed to our readers to make use of their right to vote, today we bring to you another feature in which actors explain how by casting a vote, an average citizen can make an impact in the world he lives in. Voting gives one the right to voice out opinions and have a say in our day-to-day political activities. In fact, voting is the single most effective way to make one’s voice heard. By not going out to vote, you totally give away your right to influence a government. If the right to vote did not exist in the country, we would have been no longer called a democratic nation and would have gone completely totalitarian. We at Tellychakkar.com bring the second part where your favourite television actors encourage everyone to exercise voting rights. Shaheer Sheikh: I would like to appeal to people and particularly to the youth to go out and cast their votes as we are very large in numbers and have the power to make or break a government. Last time I had heard that the percentage of votes cast in Mumbai was very low. It is upon us to choose the right representative as eventually we have to bear the repercussions in the coming years. I would thus request people, more particularly the educated masses, to go out and vote. Deepika Singh: I would want to appeal to all, particularly women who comprise of 49 per cent of the total masses, to exercise their right to vote. It is very easy to blame the government and equally difficult to choose the right representative. But I would request people not to lose hope and vote as our nation has given us an identity that we should respect and work towards our country’s betterment. Shivin Narang: I believe that this time around 15 crore people will be voting. It is the power of the ballot that can bring in drastic changes that would be beneficial for the country. I would like to appeal to the youth to go and exercise their voting rights as it is this power that can make or break our system. Kinshuk Mahajan: If people want a revolutionary change in our system, we need to go out and cast our votes. I would therefore request everyone to vote as each vote can make a whole lot of difference. Gaurav Khanna: Democracy lies in the hands of people who vote. I can understand that sometimes people get lazy to go and fetch important documents such as the voter cards etc. on time, but I would like to request people who have the voting cards to vote, to be sincere in the voting process, because if we do not vote now, we have to bear with a government which we choose for the next five years. I think voting should be made mandatory rather than optional. Daljeet Bhanot: We all have a host of complaints about the ill-structured roads, regular power cuts and service tax we are made to pay among other things on a day-to-day basis. Now is the time to step out and vote as all these problems could be solved by getting a good representative on board. We all need to vote for the person who would think about the benefit of our country and not for himself or his family. We desperately need a person who understands democracy in the true sense. Yes, that can only happen when we the people step out and cast our votes. Mahima Makwana: Though by law, I am below the age to vote, I would like to advise everyone to go out and vote as it is in our hands to decide our own fate. It is important for us to vote for the right person and we all should therefore exercise our power well. Karan Goddwani: People make a nation. A wrong vote makes us responsible for not choosing a proper candidate or the right government. I would hence request everyone to exercise their voting rights. To come out of the ill effects of corruption, we need to choose sincere people and have a right kind of government. Harshita Gaur: I would just like to inform people that we should abide by the right our nation has given to cast our votes and get a strong government. Ankita Sharma: India is a democratic country and we need to think twice before we cast our vote and chose the right people who will serve us for the next five years. I would like to advise people to be very objective in their reasoning before choosing their right representative.

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