Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Virat kidnaps the property officer


MUMBAI: Amruta asks Bhavani to get their hands full of Mehndi. Virat says yes, Bhavani came here looking all hot, she should get Shagun Mehndi for her freedom. Amruta says I am proud of you and the one who brought you here. Diladr says see I also got the mehndi. You have made our Virat kinder. Jahan says lets go Bhavani. Amruta thanks Virat for making Bhavani feel special. He says I am special. Shekhar calls Virat and says I found the officer who signed Jahan’s house’s papers. Virat says I am coming downstairs.

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Jahan asks Amruta to get Mehndi. Virat tries to talk to Amruta but she’s busy. Nimrit says Amruta I am sorry for what I said. You can get Mehndi from my girl. Bhavani will get it. Virat sits next to Amruta. Virat says to Amruta why are you getting mehndi. Let’s go out. She says where out? He says you don’t have to get a name or anything. Why do you want Mehndi? She says what are you saying? he says see my phone? Nimrit says what are you doing? Amruta says you’re irritating me. Virat holds Amruta’s hand and shows her the phone. Amruta reads the text Shekhar found the officer who signed Jahan’s papers. Amruta is shocked. Amruta says lets go. Babita asks where are you going? he says we’ve to go to Singhanaya’s. She made our contract so I’ve to take her. Kavita wonders where are they going. Bbabita says he’s lying to me for that banker. kavita calls Abhiraj.

Harsh studies in his room. He told Abhiraj I also wanted to be a doctor but my family wanted me to take care of the business. Why are you here? Harsh says I have an exam and I don’t wanna go to Ahuja’s. Abhiraj says I know. Harsh says I am sorry for misbehaving that day. Abhiraj says I know you were worried about your family. Why did Amruta let it go? Harsh says she believes Babita didn’t do anything. Abhiraj says I will help her.

Amruta says I should talk to that officer. Virat says you’re so self-obsessed. I will talk to him. She says only ruins things in anger. Virat says I found the officer. Amruta says Shekhar gets mad all the time right? Virat says he will take my side. They both fight. Amruta’s mehdni gets on Virat’s hand. Shekhar says Amruta should talk. Virat says you’ve changed your party.

Harsh says Virat is doing all this but Amruta isn’t listening. She thinks someone else did it. Abhiraj says what is Virat’s plan? Harsh says I don’t know either. Shekhar, Virat, and Amruta come to the officer. Virat says I will talk. Amruta says let me talk first. She comes to the officer. She says I wanted to ask something. She says you might have made a mistake, I can help. You transferred to Jahan Kaur’s house some days ago. Can you tell me the person who got the house? Police are looking for that person. I can help you with savings. He says how dare you accuse me? I am an honest officer. You’re accusing me of corruption? She says I am just asking. You can tell me otherwise we have an angry person as well. he says dare you. Virat punches him. Virat says see my way works only.

Kavita says to Ishika don’t you want a break? She takes her inside. Kavita says Amruta and Virat went out for something important. They will find out who took Jahan’s house.

Bhavani says to Babita thanks for inviting us and getting us mehndi. Babita says to get it completed. Bhavani says can I put mehndi on your hand? I want to start afresh. I am moving on in life as well. Dildar says it’s a good idea. You should get it. Bhavani applies mehndi on her hand. Ishika is worried. She says Babita won’t help me either.

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Virat and Shekhar bring the officer to a shed. He says it’s a crime. You can’t do this. Amruta says you did a crime. You misused your position. Tell us the truth. He says I don’t know anything, Virat says do you want me to use my hands? He says let me go. I will tell the police. Shekhar says he’s honest. He will tell us honestly. Virat says if he doesn’t understand I can make him understand. Virat brings a rod. The officer is scared. He says let me go, please. Amruta says tell us the truth. Who asked you to change the papers? Who replaced Babita’s name there? Virat picks tup he rod and says where should I hit first? Amruta says you have last change otherwise he’s a very dangerous person. Virat says I can’t wait anymore. He’s about to hit the office. The officer says Suman asked me to change the papers. She made me do all this. Amruta says she’s Jahan’s lawyer.

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