Pandya Store 16th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Amrish loses the box

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Natasha lying to Dhawal and asking him to come. Suman greets everyone. Pandit asks about Amrish. Pranali says even Hetal did not come, we have to give the money for the milk. Amba scolds her. Chiku thinks it will be fun. Amrish gets the box. Shalini thinks this box… She recalls giving the box to Amrish.

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Amrish sees Hetal coming. He leaves the box and goes. Shalini sees Hetal. Amrish hides. Hetal calls him. She goes. A man asks Amrish to come for puja. Amrish says I m coming. Dhawal and Natasha get ready as Shiv and Parvati. He says we will go home and get the papers. She says no, everyone is waiting, come. Shalini gets the box. She checks it. He recalls her gifts to Amrish. She says why did he keep all these things till now, what does this mean, you have to meet me now, Amrish. Amrish goes back to the van to check for the box. He asks where is my box. The man says its here. He checks the sacks. Amba asks Chirag and Bhaven to call Amrish. Dhawal and Natasha come there. Everyone looks on. Dhawal and Natasha do tandav. They smile. Ek dil hai…. Plays… Dhawal looks at her. Amba gets angry seeing them dance. Suman prays Natasha stays happy always. Chiku goes to the man and asks are you giving milk for free. The man says no, Makwanas will give money when they return. Chiku says they have gone bankrupt, Amba was saying he will go from that side, you are generous to give 21 litres of milk for free. The man worries.

Hetal and Chirag say Amrish isn’t anywhere. Pandit asks Amba to start puja, Amrish can do puja again when he comes. Amba says fine. The puja starts. Amba takes the milk kalash to do Abhishek. He says do the Abhishek with the milk you bought. Chirag and Bhaven push him. Amba says you asked us to do the puja first and then give money, let us do the Abhishek. The man says yes, I m saying it now, give me money first and then do the puja, what happened, don’t you have money, you have gone bankrupt, thanks to Yashodan, he came to tell me the truth.

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Suman and Natasha get sad. Bhaven gets angry. Chirag stops him. Chiku smiles and leaves. Natasha and Dhawal come there. Natasha says you know Makwana family, did they take your money. The man says I want money. Chirag and Bhaven don’t have cash. Natasha worries. She says I will give your money. The man says fine, you give it. Amba stops Natasha and says stop your drama. She scolds her.

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