Pandya Store 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Dhawal confronts Amba


MUMBAI : The Episode starts with Dhawal saying you proved it, you don’t trust me. Natasha says no, I came between Amrish and your relation before, I didn’t want that again, I was trying to find a way out, I didn’t know things will spoil so much, Chiku will leave the house and Suman will suffer a brainstroke.

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He says I m your husband, its my right to have joy and sorrow with you, please start trusting me, this would have not happened, if we unite then we have double strength, you did what you had to, now let me do it my way. She asks him to stop. Shalini comes home. He leaves. Shalini asks all okay? Natasha says yes, you here, come in. Shalini asks how is your Dadi. Dhawal comes back to get his phone. Natasha says thanks for help. Shalini says I m always there for you, I m so glad I was there and traffic got cleared on time, I know a neurosurgeon, send me Suman’s reports. Natasha says sure. Dhawal says thanks for helping, I will take my phone. He says call me if needed. He leaves. Shalini goes to meet Suman. She says congrats Kaki, Sadar Bazaar will be known by your son’s name. Suman asks Gautam Pandya, he didn’t tell me, call him right away. She calls out Gautam.

Amba says both the sweets look good, desi ghee sweets for my sons and Vanaspati ghee for Bhabhis. Dhawal comes and mixes sweets. He says you always do partiality, husband and wife complete each other, just you are happy in this house, you don’t care about anyone. She says I will give you good news about Chirag and Dolly. He says I don’t want to know. Shalini leaves. Natasha says Shalini is MLA, she has to go, you ring the bell if needed. Amba says Natasha has done black magic on you, she made us fight.

She does a drama. Dhawal asks her to stop it. He says Natasha didn’t tell me so that I don’t go away from you, Suman isn’t well, they need me. Amba says don’t go. Shalini says Amrish and family aren’t here, even your husband isn’t here.

Dhawal packs his bags. Amba says you won’t leave the house, will you stay in your Sasural, think about it, will you stay as Ghar Jamai, what will the people say. Dhawal says I m not leaving the house, I can stay in my Sasural, Natasha and Daama need me, the day they needed us, we weren’t there, Shalini stood by them, she took Suman to the hospital, I will stand by them. She asks will you ruin our respect. He leaves. Amba gets angry and says what shall I do. She shouts Amrish. Shalini says I know its personal, truth doesn’t change, Amrish and his family are surrounded by old thinking, it’s a male dominant house, daughters and bahus needs and desires are neglected there. Natasha says sorry, you can’t say that, I m sure I will change their thinking with my love. Shalini says you are a brave girl, I m just a call away, take care of Suman and yourself. Natasha thanks her. Shalini leaves. Amba says Amrish, Dhawal is leaving the house and going to live in Sasural. Amrish asks what. She says he is saying he will stay there until Suman gets fine, stop him, Natasha has got him in control, think how to stop him. Amrish says sorry, I can’t do anything, I have no control on Dhawal, what will I tell him, he shouldn’t support the girl who has put everything at stake for us, why would he listen to me, I can’t do anything this time. Amba cries and goes. Dhawal comes home. He says we will stay here until Suman gets fine. She says I trust you. He says no, you don’t, I didn’t win your trust, we have to make our relation strong first then we can move on, I have to stay here and take care of Suman. She says I trust you, forgive me. He says fine, but I can’t believe this.

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