Pandya Store 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update: Dhawal convinces Mittu

Pandya Store

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Naveli saying I will stay with Bittu in the new house. Natasha says yes, you are bad, and you scold us. Mittu asks Dhawal what’s going. He asks him to say something, why did Natasha fall in this situation. He says I have always asked you about her, you said she is missing and you don’t know anything, she was with you, why did you make me away from her. He cries and asks what did you do with her that she has become like this. Natasha asks Naveli what’s Jijaji. Naveli says its like pizza. They laugh. Mittu asks Dhawal to say else he will call the police. Naveli and Natasha scream, and rush to Dhawal. Mittu pleads with Dhawal. He asks Natasha to say what happened to her.

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He says I won’t leave Dhawal, just tell me. Natasha asks him to play music. Dhawal asks Mittu to understand. He hugs Natasha and Naveli. Shantanu comes to Taai and says Bittu is nowhere, these people don’t worry about her, we made a big mistake by coming here, I will take Bittu with me. She says police will help us, come. He says police won’t do anything, we can’t tell about Natasha. Dhawal asks how dare you leave the house. Natasha says you are bad, we will go from here. Mittu says don’t leave me again. Dhawal says thank God, I got you both here, don’t do this again Naveli, think about Bittu, she is new in this city. Naveli says you are angry man, I will stay with Bittu, no one loves me in the house. Dhawal says fine, I will listen to you, I m sorry, I promise, I will never scold you, you also promise, you won’t leave the house ever. She promises. Mittu says you won’t go anywhere until you answer me. Dhawal says I will give you all the answers, but not now, Chiku and Isha have forgotten us, Shesh got married and ran away, Suman is no more, you are the heir of Pandya family, show some maturity. Natasha bites Dhawal’s hand and says I won’t go. She runs away and sees her pic with the Pandya family.

Shantanu says Natasha is connected to them legally, I can’t lose Bittu, police won’t help me. Tai says she is Natasha, not Bittu. Natasha asks who are these people, it means, its my house. Mittu recalls the family moments. Naveli asks when did you get these pics clicked. Mittu says yes, its Chutki’s house, she is my sister. Dhawal says even Makwana house is of her. Mittu says so much happened between Pandyas and Makwanas, but I believed you love her and you are always with her, I can’t say this seeing her condition today.

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Shantanu says I don’t understand, will I just lose things in my life, why doesn’t Lord let me stay happy, he has snatched my parents and when I just had you in my life, you got married, I was getting habitual to loneliness and Lord sent Bittu in my life, an innocent girl, who didn’t know the worldly things, I have taken care of her, I was staying happy with her, don’t know why Lord wants to snatch her, its enough now, I won’t let him win, I will fight the entire Somnath, but not let her go away. Mittu asks Dhawal to take Naveli. He says Natasha will stay here. Natasha and Naveli run. Naveli asks where are we going, Dhawal is coming in our team, we will get chocolates if we promise him. Dhawal comes and says promise me, you both won’t go anywhere. They promise him. He takes them in the car. Mittu cries. Pranali cries and says I have raised Naveli. Bhaven says you stopped focussing on her after Bunty’s birth. Dhawal promises Natasha and Naveli about their wishes. Hetal meets a lawyer. The man says Natasha won’t have any right on that house, she has no relation legally with Dhawal, you can make her out of the house. Natasha says thanks, you aren’t so bad. She kisses Dhawal. Dhawal smiles.

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