Pandya Store 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update: Natasha and Dhawal’s romance

Pandya Store

MUMBAI : The Episode starts with Dhawal says I will wear this sherwani in Natasha’s marriage, I will dance too. He starts lying to everyone. He says I m happy, I have no problem. Amba scolds him. She asks him to stop the madness. He says this madness will end when she gets married, I will decide the song to dance. He goes. Amba thinks he has something on his mind. Natasha asks how shall I go and feed food to Dhawal, Chiku is sitting outside like security guard. Dhawal says thanks, I will iron clothes to pay for this sherwani. He gets Natasha’s call. She asks him to have food. He says no way, I will eat when you come to feed me. She says I m already tense, don’t say this. She ends call and cries. Suman asks what happened. Natasha asks what shall I do, Chiku loves me a lot and Dhawal is sitting hungry since yesterday, I can’t even break his fast, I m hurt, I m cheating Chiku. Suman says you should be happy to have loving husband and protective brother. Natasha says you are Chiku’s weakness, he can do anything for us, we have to do emotional blackmail. Suman asks her plan. Natasha says just wait and watch, support me. Dhawal looks at the clothes hanging at the store. He says give me these clothes, I will work here for more 10 days. The man says its okay, take it.

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Amrish comes to Shalini’s office. He asks why did you call me. She shows the box. She says you were madly finding this box, if I got this to your home and gave in front of your family then what would have happened. He says don’t threaten me. She says answer me, why did you keep this till now, you till love me. Suman and Natasha come to Chiku. They start acting. Suman says Chiku has made your family homeless, they will curse Natasha, I m scared if Natasha doesn’t get happiness in her new life, its not good to take someone’s thing by cheat, return it, maybe we get joy and peace again. Natasha asks what is Daama saying, if its true then I don’t want to take any risk, I can’t tolerate another failed marriage. Chiku says I m not greedy for money, I will sell the property at half price and donate it, Natasha will get blessings. Natasha is shocked. Shalini says I will return your everything and get Yash jailed, just think well and tell me, you love me. Amrish says I don’t want your help, you feel I have love for you, no, I should have burnt this before, this was lying in junk, its okay, I will burn it now, you got your answers, no need to call or meet me, give me the box.

A man delivers the parcel. Isha checks the notice and says Amrish has filed complaint against you, that you have taken his property by fraud. Natasha checks it. Suman says it means Chiku will get jailed. Chiku says no. Natasha hugs Chiku and cries. She says I can’t lose you again, just return it to them. Chiku calls Amrish. Amrish goes. Shalini says you can’t hide your love behind your anger, I will get your love back. Amrish scolds Chiku. Chiku says I didn’t call to say this, come in the wedding and take your property papers, my sister’s happiness is more imp to me. He ends call. Natasha cries and hugs Chiku.

Dhawal comes there in a lady’s disguise. Natasha worries and thinks what is he doing here. Dhawal says I m the beauty artist, Ruby. Natasha thinks his wig is getting off. She asks Dhawal to come along. Chiku says stop, I called Kajal, who are you. Dhawal says she had an emergency, I have come, I will make Natasha look more cute. Chiku says its unprofessional behavior, I will call her. Natasha thinks my hardwork will go waste, oh no…. She takes the phone and says I m getting late for the marriage, leave it, Ruby will do the makeup, she is also pretty, I will get ready. Suman smiles. She says we will finish the other work, you go and get the papers. Chiku says I m doing this for you and Chutki, if Chutki cries then I swear, I will burn them alive. Natasha pushes Dhawal on the bed. His wig falls off. He pulls her.

She says leave me, my plan would have failed if Chiku got to know, I convinced Chiku to return the papers. Dhawal says I will rest here, I won’t go, I will die if you marry Shashank. She says calm down, don’t say this, I won’t marry anyone. He says I m scared that someone will steal you from me. She says trust me, not the fate, I will forget about the papers because of your romance. He asks her to feed him the food. She says sorry, I will get something. She goes and gets the food. Chiku holds the food and asks about it. Isha comes there. Dhawal gets worried seeing her. Isha sees Dhawal.

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