Pandya Store 25th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Dhawal reminds Natasha the past

Pandya Store

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Chirag coming to the room. Dolly hugs him. She says its time we have another baby. He says everyone is worried at home. She says everyone is thinking of own, we should also think for ourselves. She thinks I will get a baby boy and then everyone will listen to me. Naveli, Dhawal and Natasha wake up. Naveli hugs Natasha. Dhawal asks Naveli to call him Papa. She says Bhaven is my Papa. He says no, he is Bade Papa, I m your Papa. Natasha says I m mumma. He says yes, we are Naval. Pranali says we are getting late for school, go and get ready. Naveli asks Dhawal not to let her friend go anywhere. Dhawal says sure, she will be here, go now. Naveli goes. Pranali scolds Dhawal.

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She says when Naveli had no one, then I had hugged her and raised her as my daughter, and today, I m not her mum. Dhawal says I didn’t tell her that she is my daughter, Chirag said, I can’t lie, I agree you took good care of Naveli, you did wrong by supporting Shantanu. She says I don’t know right and wrong, Naveli is my daughter, if anyone tries to take her away then I will go to court. Naveli comes to meet Mittu. He says I have to rush and pay the bill. She enters the house. She calls Dhawal from Mittu’s phone. She says Mittu got me home and said he will take me somewhere if you and Bittu don’t come here. Dhawal says fine, I will come. He asks Natasha to come with him. She says I need permission from Shantanu. He says we will go, please. She says no, Shanu said I can’t go anyone without taking permission. He says I will take the permission, but it’s a secret. She asks really. He says yes. He calls Shantanu. He asks his permission. He thanks him and ends call. Natasha holds his hand and they leave.

They come home and call out Naveli. Naveli says I m here. Dhawal sees the lock on the door. She asks him to save her. Dhawal breaks the door. Naveli locks them in a room and asks them to have friendship. She leaves for school. Natasha jumps on the bed. He recalls their moments and cries. She asks him not to cry. Dhawal asks where did you go, what happened to you. He says sorry and hugs her. He shows their pics on his phone. He asks her to recall the past. She gets shocked and thinks of them.

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He asks do you remember something. She sees Amrish’s pic. She gets shocked and recalls his death. She says Mots. He asks her to calm down. He recalls the past. She gets violent and throws the things. Naveli and Mittu come there. She asks what happened. Mittu asks what’s all this, what are you doing here. Dhawal asks him to call a doctor. Natasha shouts Mots and faints. Dhawal asks her to get up. He worriedly cries.

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