Pandya Store 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Amba convinces Isha


MUMBAI : The Episode starts with Natasha shouting aloud. She says please tell me about the papers, you can end the fight between the two families. Amba hears this and asks Isha to tell about the papers. Dhawal comes to Pandya store. He looks for the papers. Isha says I can’t cheat my husband. Natasha says he has cheated your brothers, who are longing for food today, I m standing against my brother, why, tell me. Suman looks for Chiku. Chiku asks where is Chutki. Suman says she will come, she is scared, Isha is with her, Isha will get her. Amba begs Isha to tell her about the papers. She says I know you are different, you have punished your brothers already, why are you punishing me, I have raised you with love and always supported you, like Bhaven tried to commit suicide, others might also the same.

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Isha asks what are you saying. Amba says yes, Bhaven tried to end his life, think if Makwana family dies, then you will get the blame. Isha cries. Dhawal sees the papers’ file. Chiku goes to call Natasha. Amba says fine, you stay happy with your husband. Isha stops her and says I will get the papers. Amba cries happily. Isha says my name shouldn’t come in this. Amba blesses her and asks her to go fast. Isha goes. He asks Amba what is she doing there. Natasha says she came looking for washroom. He says all arrangements are made outside, don’t try to enter the house, go away. Amba thinks Isha is doing the right thing. Chiku asks where is Isha. Natasha says she will come. He asks Natasha to sit in mandap. Natasha goes and sits in the mandap. Suman ties the gathbandhan. Shashank says we will really get married.

Dhawal tries to get the papers. He falls back. The cement sacks fall over him. Natasha thinks Isha should come soon. She takes the rounds. Isha comes to the storeroom and says how did this door open. She goes and gets the file. She says I can’t become a reason for my family’s death. She goes out and locks the door. Dhawal tries to get up. Pandit tells the vows of the rounds. Natasha worries. Pandit asks the bride to walk ahead. Natasha cries and takes the rounds. She recalls Dhawal. Shashank says its our last round, we will really get married, just think what to do. Natasha prays to find some way. Suman worries. Chiku asks what happened, take the round, everyone is waiting, come. Amba waits for Isha.

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