Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mannat agrees to marry Subhan


MUMBAI:Armaan tells Gulnaz that his plan is working, I trapped Farhan and now made Mannat think that he is innocent and Ibadat is behind all this. I will use and throw Farhan, then Mannat will be mine. We will have all this wealth to ourselves soon.

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Mannat comes to Ibadat and recalls Armaan’s words that she plotted all this against Mannat. Ibadat asks her to come and eat something. Mannat says don’t worry about me, you just want to torture me. Ibadat says aren’t you going to eat with us all? she says no. Ibadat says its last day of Ramadan so don’t do this. Mannat tries taking her plate, Ibadat tries to snatch it but the food falls on Ibadat’s dress.

Hafeez tells Kaynaat to stop being and let’s break the fast with everyone. Kaynaat says fine. Gulnaz comes there so Hafeez leaves. Gulnaz tells Kaynaat that I am not your enemy, I want to help you save Subhan from Mannat. If Mannat denies Subhan then no one can force her.

Mannat taunts Ibadat that her dress got stained and this family pressurizes people when they are stained, go and wash up otherwise, they might pressurize you to marry some random guy. Ibadat is sad hearing that and thinks she is doing this to hurt me but I will make sure she marries Subhan to save her life.

Kaynaat tells Gulnaz that she can’t help anyone without her gain so what do you want? Gulnaz says I just want to do good for you, I was never accepted as part of this family. She cries and says I will leave now. Kaynaat says I am sorry for doubting your intentions. Gulnaz says its time to fight with Dua together, I don’t want that characterless Mannat to marry your Subhan. We have to stop this wedding together so are you with me? Kaynaat shakes her hand and says I accept your offer.

Dua tells Hamida that she feels like Ibadat loves Subhan. Hamida says its not like that, Dua says I can sense her feelings. Hamida says if she loved him then she wouldn’t want him to marry Mannat, lets stop thinking like this, she leaves. Dua says I can see what others can’t, Ibadat has feelings for Subhan and that’s not just friendship.

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All family members are waiting for the fast to break. Subhan comes there and looks around for Mannat. He sits with Ibadat and helps her in cutting fruits. Dua sees them together and thinks Haider used to help me like they are helping each other. She recalls her life with Haider and how happy they were together. Hamida asks where is Mannat? Ibadat says she is in her room. Mannat comes there, Subhan is mesmerized seeing her. Gulnaz says Mannat is dressed up so nicely, are you going somewhere? Mannat says no. I have something to say. She sits on the other side of Subhan and says I want to say something. Dua asks what? Mannat says I accept Subhan’s proposal, I am ready to marry him. Subhan is elated hearing that. She says you all must have thought the best for me that’s why I accepted this proposal. Gulnaz is angry hearing that. Kaynaat says I don’t accept this proposal, my family isn’t open for characterless women, Mannat doesn’t deserve to be my DIL, girls like her can’t be a part of respectable families. Dua is hurt hearing that. Mannat says I made a mistake but can’t you forgive me as your daughter? I was a fool to not understand that Subhan is perfect for me, I want to marry him and spend my life with him. Ibadat thinks how did she agree suddenly? Kaynaat says girls like you can’t be with one man for your life, you might run away with your lover again. Don’t you even think about my son. Subhan says please.. the door suddenly opens and all are shocked to see someone coming inside.

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