Sudhanshu Pandey excited to be back with solo single Dil Ki Tu Zameen after almost five years: Want to keep making singles and fulfil my passion for the art


MUMBAI :Sudhanshu Pandey wears many hats with élan. He is an actor, singer, writer and producer. While he always had a huge fan following for his contributions in the field of art, his ongoing venture Anupamaa has only added to his fame. He plays the role of Vanraj in the show. Looking back, what actually brought him to the limelight was the popular music band he was a part of, A Band of Boys. Even though he quit the band later, music has always been an integral part of Sudhanshu’s life. So, it is both exciting for him and his fans that he is back with a solo single Dil Ki Tu Zameen. Alongside the actor, the music video stars his Anupamaa co-star Madalsa Sharma, who plays the role of Kavya in the show.
“Well thanks to a slightly busy schedule before COVID and during COVID, I am coming with a solo single after a four and a half years gap. The unique thing about my song is going to be the visuals. Obviously the song is very beautiful but the visuals are going to add multi-fold beauty to it. And we had worked really hard on the preproduction and the results will be seen in the music video,” he smiles.
Happy to collaborate with Madalsa, he adds, “There couldn't be any scenario better than having Madalsa in the video because we've been working for so long and there is such a big comfort level between us. There is camaraderie, a lot of chemistry which we share on screen. It also comes across in our reels that we keep putting on Instagram and receive a phenomenal sort of response from the audiences. Even our close friends love the reels too. Actually that was one of the main reasons why in the beginning I thought about getting Madalsa on board as because of her, my reels were doing so well. I told her about making a music video together, and what better than my own solo single to show the viewers and our fans that Vanraj and Kavya in a completely different light altogether. And, she readily agreed.”
Off screen too Sudhanshu shares a fun bond with Madalsa. “My off screen bonding with Madalsa is exactly the opposite of how we are on-screen, because on screen we are always fighting and there is no chemistry. There is no sort of friendship on camera as Vanraj and Kavya but off the camera, our bond is fantastic. She's a fantastic girl, very transparent and honest. I would say she still has a certain element of innocence in her, which is a very big strength in today's world. And, I think that remains as one of the strongest reasons for my bond with her as I prefer to be with people who are transparent and still have that innocence,” he says, before talking about the similarities and dissimilarities between both of them.
“The similarities between Madalsa and me would be similar choices of the kind of people we like. Also she doesn’t open up to people really fast, much like the way I am. But she is extremely warm with everybody around, and so am I. I think these are the similarities. And dissimilarities, I'm not very sure. Maybe I'm a lot more mature than she is and Madalsa will get there with time and age,” he adds.
Sudhanshu has done multiple music videos as a model in the initial stages of his career, that is when I came to Bombay. He also worked on multiple music videos with filmmakers Anubhav Sinha and Sanjay F Gupta.
“That was a completely different experience altogether. I learnt so much and that added to my growth as an artist,” he reminisces.

It’s his passion for singing and music that inspired him to come up with solo singles even after he left the band. “Also, people really wanted me to do it and I'm equally passionate about singing. My future plan is not really drafted but I will take it as it comes and the only plan that I have is to keep making as many singles as possible and keep fulfilling my passion for singing. Whatever happens after that, it's going to be God's gift,” he signs off.



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