What! Orry and Palak Tiwari's Alleged Feud: Unverified Source Spills Details, Revealing the Truth Behind the Controversy

The publicized spat between Orry (Orhan Awatramani) and Palak Tiwari has become the talk of the town, with conflicting stories circulating.

MUMBAI : An unverified source on a social platform claims to have insider information, shedding light on the alleged reason behind their feud, suggesting it might be a minor issue blown out of proportion.

The recent clash between Orry, also known as Orhan Awatramani and Palak Tiwari has captured media attention, sparked by a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation shared by Orry. In the alleged exchange, Palak apologizes to Orry, who responds with a disrespectful gesture. The post implies that the dispute might have originated from a New Year's bash where Orry was reportedly in an inebriated state.

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According to an unverified source mentioned on a social site, Orry was high at the New Year party, and Palak Tiwari, who is not a frequent drinker, said something that Orry found incomprehensible. The source suggests that the matter was blown out of proportion, leading to the viral WhatsApp chat and subsequent controversy.

Netizens on Reddit had diverse opinions, with some questioning Orry's credibility, while others compared him to internet celebrities like Deepak Kalal. Orry defended himself by claiming that Palak Tiwari exhibited rude behaviour towards him, which he found unexpected.

As the narrative unfolds, the alleged feud raises questions about the authenticity of the details and the true nature of the disagreement between Orry and Palak Tiwari. The social media drama continues to capture public attention, emphasizing the unpredictability and consequences of online disputes.

Also Read: Must Read! Orry reacts to showing his middle finger to Palak Tiwari, “Why is no one asking what she’s apologizing for?”

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