"To manage PCOD my mom suggested I switch to Yoga, and its been beneficial for me" says Harleen Sethi on the occasion of World Yoga Day"

Harleen Sethi

MUMBAI: Harleen Sethi's performance in recently released show "Bad Cop" has garnered a widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Her portrayal of a complex and gritty character as a fierce cop has showcased an impressive range and depth as an actress.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, the actress speaks up about the time when she was diagnosed with PCOD and how yoga has helped her manage the same improving the overall quality of her life and health.

She states "I have suffered several acne since my teenage years. I have been to dermatologists who prescribed antibiotics without identifying the root cause. To Manage my condition of PCOD, mom then suggested I switch to Yoga instead of high intensity workouts. Pranayam had been particularly beneficial for me."

Speaking about the various forms of Yoga she practices, she shares " I have never been a fan of power yoga and prefer traditional Hatha Yoga. It's not about how long you hold a pose but how your body feels while you do so. I also practise Ying Yang and Iyengar Yoga. While Ying Yang emphasises deep breathing with each pose, Iyengar yoga involves use of ropes ,blocks, chairs and other props to help you push your limit."

Harleen also talks about practising of Jal Neti, a process of cleaning the naval passage, has helped alleviate her sinus issues. "My yoga mat is like a sunshine in my life. It helps me start the day on a positive note" she adds


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