Navigating dreams and duties: Satyansh's journey in Lavaste ehoes with every young Adult


MUMBAI: In what ways do you think Satyansh's story resonates with young adults facing similar pressures of balancing career ambitions and familial responsibilities?

People from the interior of India dream of coming to big cities to fulfill their dreams. I think it's a story of every boy, every person who's fighting against the odds. So that is what I think will resonate and relate to every upcoming generation and specially from the young generation.

What message or takeaway do you hope audiences will carry with them after watching Lavaste?

After watching the film, they will find that sometimes in life, you discover a bigger cause than what you set out to do, that is what life throws at you. The audience will understand that it is such an important issue in our society. There is no proper structure actually for it, and that is what we are trying to convey through the film - that there needs to be one. So yeah, that is what is important and necessary.

Having worked in Bollywood, TV and OTT, and what do you prefer more as an actor? What unique aspects or challenges does each medium offer?

I believe that as an actor, you must be honest in whatever medium you're working in or whatever story you're a part of. As per me, each aspect or medium has its own set of challenges. It's like how theater is different from cinema in terms of acting experiences. My love for films has always been there since my childhood but I believe all mediums are pretty much different from each other. However, your approach towards your work as an actor should remain the same.




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