I try to keep myself updated: Vaquar Shaikh on fashion

MUMBAI: Actor Vaquar Shaikh, who is currently seen in “Anupamaa”, might not be a fashion geek, but likes to update himself with the latest fashion trends. He said, “I do keep up with fashion, and I try to wear something that is in the trend.”

“Right now, flannel checks are in, so I try to wear them. Korean pants have come in, so I try to keep myself updated with what's happening. There are a lot of places, sites on Instagram where you get to know about what's happening, what's latest coming in. So, I like to pick up things that are in the trend,” he added.

But for him fashion is all about comfort. Even though he likes to keep up with trends, he won’t compromise on his comfort.

“Fashion to me is something that should be very comfortable for you and, at the same time, should be trendy enough. Fashion, when you do it, should be done in a way that people see it, but you should be able to carry it,” he said.

As much as he likes to keep up with trends, he doesn’t have any fashion idols as such. He said, “I don’t follow anyone, but you get to know about what's really in when you see all the social sites, and if you like something, you don't mind trying it, and it depends on where you're going. If you're going out for a function, you're going for a wedding, or you're just casually meeting your friends, it depends. I create my own style, which might be a little different, but it's me.”

Asked about his go-to style, he said, “Either wear jeans and some boots, and with a nice loose t-shirt, or on days I don't really want to wear boots, I wear track pants with t-shirts, sneakers, sunglasses.“

But as far as colours are concerned, he likes it bold and dark. “Mostly dark. My wife keeps complaining that every time I go shopping, I buy black and blue bottoms like my tracks and jeans, but my shirts, I wear a lot of colorful t-shirts as well. I experiment with my t-shirts and pullovers,” he said.

Being an actor and spending over 20 years in the industry, Vaquar agrees that there is a pressure on actors to look good most of the time, he added, “But whenever you are in the public domain you are expected to look good. For a simple reason, actors are recognized, people see them, love them, so they need to be well-dressed. At times, slightly wacky but comfortable. People are going to stare at you, so make it worth it for them.”

“I don't experiment with my looks much. I like to experiment with bold colors and prints, but not really out of the box. But the pressure is there because you are an actor. It makes you feel good when you are well-groomed. Your hair looks good when you are well-groomed, you are in good clothes, you smell nice, your confidence lifts up,” he added.


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