Rajjo: Exclusive! Arjun hands divorce papers to Rajjo, sets her free!

We see that Rajjo is furious with Pushkar and the truth is out in front of everyone. Rajjo slaps him and asks him how he could do this. Pushkar turns to Mannu and says that it was her fault too and Rajjo can’t take it anymore.
Rajjo: Exclusive!  Arjun hands divorce papers to Rajjo, sets her free!

MUMBAI : Rajjo, an aspiring athlete from Uttarakhand, goes through many challenges in the program. Manorama, Rajjo's mother, has a troubled past and is opposed to Rajjo being an athlete. The show is about how Rajjo will respond to the past and fulfill her aspirations in the present, after being separated from her mother in the Kedarnath flood, and her chance meeting with Arjun.

The show is gearing up for some very interesting twists and turns.

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We previously saw that Swara announces to the family that she is pregnant and she is very afraid that the truth will come out in front of the family, about how she lied about her pregnancy previously.

Swara reaches out to Rajjo for help, and as Swara tries to explain to Rajjo what is going on, Swara’s husband shows up and starts scolding Swara but then Swara’s mother tells them to calm down.

Rajjo becomes suspicious and vows to find out what is happening.

We also gave you the update that Rajjo will be heartbroken when she finds out that Arjun and Niharika were having an affair. Niharika’s plan seems to go well, she was the one who got the photos of Arjun and her to Rajjo.

Rajjo tells everyone that she cannot deal with Arjun’s betrayal anymore and that she wants to separate. But Arjun becomes restless and he begs Rajjo to stay. He tells her that he is innocent and he begs her for another chance. But Rajjo is adamant and she walks off.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, we will see a major twist in the show, the whole family will start to blame Rajjo and will humiliate her. They think that Rajjo is the one who had spilled oil on the stairs purposefully so that Swara has a miscarriage.

Madhumalti is kicking Rajjo out of the house, but she is interrupted by Arjun, who at first takes a stand for her and tells the family to back off and then tells Rajjo that he is ready to do what she wants and he wants to set her free, in a shocking twist he hands her the divorce papers.



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