Zeenat Aman recalls being pregnant during the filming of Daku Hasina; ‘To hide my belly, the crew came up with various creative shots’

The actress discussed filming risky moments while pregnant in her most recent Instagram post. She also discussed how her film, even if it was a box office failure, captured the actual spirit of the era. An era when India was being overtaken by the feminist movement.

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Must Read! Ashutosh Gowariker, Once a prominent filmmaker giving ‘Lagaan’ and 'Swades,’ Seems to have disappeared from the movie-making scene

Most people had no idea what the title meant, and the film's promotional material simply stated that it was an Aamir Khan film, therefore it was probably worth our money. Anil Sharma, who directed Gadar, just had a great comeback with Gadar 2, while Ashutosh Gowariker, who was regarded as the more competent filmmaker at the time, has seemingly vanished from the filmmaking world.

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Must Read! Zeenat Aman's remarks on Pre-Marital Sex ‘A Terrific Exercise’; Rekha's stance against traditional beliefs show them to be far ahead of their time

With the exception of a few actors like Rekha and Zeenat Aman, nobody really spoke openly about it. An old interview with the actresses discussing pre-marital sex has surfaced online, and it demonstrates how far ahead of their time the pair was.

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Must read! Zeenat Aman candidly reveals THIS reason behind Dev Anand never hired hairdressers or choreographers; Says ‘He hated…’

The two actors got along well, and Anand even admitted in his book that he was in love with her. Zeenat Aman recently went to a celebration honoring Dev Anand's birthday. There, she discussed how the actor-filmmaker's working style was highly distinctive from most others at the time.

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Must read! Ashutosh Gowariker reveals how he brought Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan together on screen for his directorial debut; Says ‘We celebrated that night’

After over ten years as an actor, Ashutosh Gowariker made his directorial debut with Pehla Nasha. Ashutosh made his acting debut in Ketan Mehta's Holi, which also starred Aamir Khan. Later, Ashutosh worked on other projects with Shah Rukh, including Circus, Chamatkar, and Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na.

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Wow! Legendry actress Zeenat Aman to pay tribute to 'Don' in One-Night-Only Live Event; Titled as Zeenat Aman Rewind To Don at the grand Regal Cinema

The presentation will include a 3-hour screening of the restored version of the groundbreaking film Don, as well as a 30-minute moderated discussion between the film's lead female protagonist Zeenat Aman and filmmaker and director Shivendra Singh Dungarpur about their lives and careers.

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