Pandya Store 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Natasha confesses love to Dhawal

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Natasha saying if you are with me, then I can drink such poison every day, thank you. She cries and hugs Dhawal. Suman smiles. They see the Nandi cow and smile. Natasha asks are you okay. Dhawal nods. She goes to Suman and says sorry, I promise, we will do puja at home. Suman says fine, how do you get so much strength. Natasha says I m Suman Pandya’s granddaughter, I have to be strong, go home, I will change and come. Suman leaves. Shashank comes there. He calls Natasha. She goes to him. He asks why did you call me. She says please marry me. He asks what’s this way to propose. She says no, I m not proposing you. Dhawal comes. He asks what did you say. She says you are misunderstanding. Dhawal takes her along. Shashank worries. A pickpocket steals Amrish’s wallet. The man asks Amba to give his money. Hetal gives the ring. Amrish says my box is valuable, I will pay your loss, help me. The man says I checked it, your box isn’t there, its my loss, you have to pay it. Hetal says keep this, its much valuable than the milk, don’t embarrass us in front of people. The man says fine and takes the ring. She cries. Amba holds her and cries. Hetal asks her not to cry. She says we will buy the ring later. Amrish says my wallet fell somewhere, take my number, you will get the money. He gives the number. He worries.

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Dhawal asks what do you want, you hugged me in front of everyone, what’s in your heart. Natasha says its love for you. He asks what, say it again, I want to confirm. She says I love you. He asks her to say it aloud. She shouts I love you Dhawal. Naseeb se mila….plays… A trick passes. The flowers fall over Dhawal and Natasha. They smile. He holds her. Amrish comes. Hetal says we looked for you everywhere. Amba cries and hugs him. He asks what happened. She tells everything. She says Hetal had to give her ring. Amrish says I will get your ring back, I m sorry. She says no, Natasha and her brother did this, we have to free our family from them. They leave for home. Dhawal says we will never get separated. She says lie, doubt and cheat shouldn’t have any place between us. He nods and hugs her. He says you said you love me, how did Shashank come in between. She says I have to marry him to make our love win, come with me. Shashank sees them coming and says he will beat me. Natasha says he is scared that you will beat him. Shashank says I didn’t say yes for marriage. Dhawal says listen. Natasha says we need your help in getting the house back for Dhawal and his family. Amrish asks how much is the fare. The man says 50 rs. Amrish says Chirag, I lost the money, someone stole my wallet or maybe it fell somewhere, I had 5000-10000 in it, do you have anything. Chirag says yes. He checks and gets 10rs. He asks Bhaven. Bhaven and Chirag pay 50rs. Amba cries and says we made relation with Pandya family at unlucky instant. Natasha tells her plan. She asks in or out. Dhawal says in. Shashank says okay done.

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