Pandya Store 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Makwanas get arrested

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Chiku asking Natasha what happened. She sees Isha giving the papers to Amba. Isha says my name shouldn’t come anywhere, I know I m doing wrong, go and give the papers to Amrish. Amba says no, you did good, you will always stay happy. Natasha cries and breaks the gathbandhan. Suman smiles. Pandit says it’s a big abshagun. Suman says no. Natasha says sorry. Dhawal is still under the sacks. He prays. Natasha says sorry, I can’t marry anyone else. Amba and Isha look on. Natasha says I love Dhawal. Suman nods. Natasha says I still love Dhawal a lot, Chiku was right.

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Amrish says same story again. He sees someone else in Dhawal’s place. He asks where is Dhawal. Amba hides the papers. Chiku angrily leaves. Suman asks are you okay. Natasha says yes, marriage stopped. She asks Shashank to do any drama. Shashank acts and scolds her. He leaves. Chiku goes to Pandya store and checks the papers. He sees the fallen sacks. Dhawal pushes the sacks away. He gets up. Chiku sees him. He scolds Dhawal. He asks where are my parents. Dhawal says not now. He pushes Chiku and runs. Chiku says I will not leave you all for cheating me.

He calls the police. Amba goes to Amrish and gives the property papers. Amrish checks it and gets happy. Suman thinks they got everything. Natasha hugs Isha and says thank you. Isha takes her. Dhawal comes to everyone. Hetal asks what happened to you. Amrish asks how did you get the papers. Amba says forget it, we got everything back. Everyone smiles. Amrish hugs him. They cry happily. Hetal tells everything to Dhawal. Dhawal smiles. Amrish keeps the papers and says we should leave. Chiku comes and says no one will go anywhere.

He goes to take papers. Amrish pushes him away. He asks him to give the papers as promised. Chiku raises hand. The police comes. Inspector says Amrish, you are under arrest for the theft charges in Yashodan’s house. Isha scolds Natasha. Natasha says I have chosen right from right and wrong, if my husband does wrong, then I will stand against him also, Chiku was wrong in this. Inspector says you all have to come with us. Chiku says you thought you will steal the papers and leave, no way. Amba says leave him, he didn’t do anything. Natasha and Isha come. They see Makwanas arrested. Natasha asks Chiku to stop all this. He asks what are you doing, Dhawal has stolen the papers. Suman asks what wrong did he do, he got his thing back. Natasha says try to understand, they cheated you, you cheated them, the fight won’t end this way, end this please. Isha says you did this marriage drama to get the papers back to them, look at yourself. Chiku says Chutki broke the marriage because she loves Dhawal, she can never cheat me, she will never do planning against me, remember this. Suman worries thinking her family will shatter.

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Chiku says Dhawal has stolen the papers. Suman says forget it, end this hatred fire, Chutki loves Dhawal and wants to stay with him, end the enmity for Natasha and Isha’s sake. Natasha asks Chiku why did he do this, because they insulted her. She says you insulted them, now end it. They cry. Natasha says we will get them freed, please get me married to Dhawal.

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